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Tutorial: Installing PHP

PHP is a powerful and easy-to-use web application language. BadBlue provides excellent support for PHP. If you're interested in learning PHP, use this tutorial to configure BadBlue to run PHP scripts.
Step 1

Press the Help tab (highlighted).

Step 2

Click the 'Install PHP' link (highlighted).

Step 3

If you've already downloaded and installed PHP, you can skip to step 5.

Click the 'Download PHP' link.

Step 4

On the PHP downloads page -- in the Windows Binaries section -- select the 'PHP zip Package'. Pick a mirror site and download the ZIP package.

You can download either PHP 5 or PHP 4. PHP 5 is used for most new development efforts while PHP 4 is generally only needed if you are installing packaged software that relies upon PHP 4-specific features.

Important: Unzip/extract the package (usually it will be saved in a folder such as C:\php\php-5.0.2-win32) and note the location where PHP was extracted.

Step 5

Press the Next button to move to the second page of the PHP Wizard.

Press the Browse button to find the location of php.exe (PHP 4) or php-cgi.exe (PHP 5).

Press the Next button to finish this step.

Step 6

The final page of the PHP Wizard simply gives you final instructions. We'll step through those, below. For now, just click the Finish button (highlighted).

Step 7

Exit BadBlue and restart.

Click the BadBlue system tray icon, usually found at lower right of your screen and select Exit.

Restart BadBlue from the Windows Start menu. If using Windows XP and BadBlue's icon isn't immediately visible, use Start >> All Programs >> BadBlue.

Once the BadBlue main menu appears, click the Help tab (highlighted) to run your first PHP test.

Step 8

Click the 'Test PHP Support' link (highlighted). A test page should appear that displays the current date and time.

Ready to write a script? See our tutorial entitled Writing your first PHP script.

You can also read more about PHP and BadBlue or see a list of BadBlue's recommended PHP books.

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