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Mr. Speaker!... - The Last Refuge  treehouse 

Why Would NBC Be Stalking Members of Special Counsel Jack Smith's Grand Jury? - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

U.S. expects to begin delivering Abrams tanks to Ukraine in September - POLITICO   politico 

AUDIO: Top DeSantis Fundraiser Gushes Over 'Mentor' Jeb Bush.   thenationalpulse 

ICAN FOIA: Moderna Data Shows Alarming Lot Specific Data on mRNA Shots - UncoverDC   uncoverdc 

Fox removes race clip from Jason Aldean video - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Attorneys For President Trump Meet with Special Counsel Inquisitors - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Germany: Study finds antisemitism four times higher among Muslims   jihad 

Confused 90-year-old Feinstein told "Just say aye!" by aide at defense appropriations vote   notthebee 

We've got dead aliens, but no Epstein client list?: Americans unimpressed with UFO hearings   revolver 

India: Police bust Islamic State terror cell, arrest noted doctor for his involvement   jihad 

Kamala Harris and the other Democrat Party loons won't like this   scoop 

Access to this page has been denied   chron 

DeSantis Collapses to Single Digits in Ohio, Behind Vivek.   thenationalpulse 

Facebook Bowed to White House Pressure, Removed Covid Posts - WSJ   wsj 

Moscow, Idaho pays $300,000 to Christians arrested for singing psalms outdoors during Covid   notthebee 

Mexican Drug Cartels “Seize Unprecedented Control” of Southwest Border   judicial 

How to tune into Trump’s weekend events in Iowa, Pennsylvania   rsbnetwork 

‘I’ll Kick Your A**’: McCarthy And Swalwell Got Into Heated Confrontation Outside Chamber: REPORT   caller 

China is headed towards diplomatic isolation in the south East Asian region as India secures cooperation of most of   thediplomat 

1,000+ Human Traffickers, Smugglers Arrested.   thenationalpulse 

Scotland's census has failed   specuk 

Watch `epic' moment three whales breach in unison   bbc 

In The Netherlands, Muslim Economic Migrants Housed on Cruise Ships   jihad 

Taliban Destroys What Is Left of Afghanistan’s Universities   jihad 

FBI Releases Documents About Biden Admin Targeting Pro-Life Catholics -   lifenews 

Exclusive—Trump on Smith’s Superseding Indictment: ‘This Is Harassment'   breitbart 

Hawaii Health Dept. Trains Therapists To Hide Children’s Sexuality From Parents – One America News Network   oann 

India's Growing Defense Diplomacy in Southeast Asia @Diplomat_APAC   thediplomat 

White House Pressured Facebook to Remove COVID-19 Vaccine Meme, Documents Show   theepochtimes 

Bidens Wanted Billions, Not Millions, From Burisma   frontpagemag 

UK: Defense attorney tells jury in Muslim rape gang trial, ‘You are not to bring any prejudice’   jihad 

Germany Pays $145Bn+ In Welfare To Foreigners Since 2010.   thenationalpulse 

This 17-year-old girl's story of regret over her gender transition hit me hard. What are we doing to our kids?   notthebee 

Hunter’s foreign business partner REVEALED   rsbnetwork 

Special Counsel Slaps Trump With More Classified Docs Charges   thefederalist 

'It's Murder': Remdesivir Victims Decry FDA's Shocking New Move   thinker 

Five Babies Brutally Killed in Abortions After 27 Weeks Still Haven't Received Any Justice -   lifenews 

Biden admin reportedly leaves $60k bill with family of fallen Marine... This would NEVER happen under Trump   rsbnetwork 

Trump teases Saturday rally in Pennsylvania: ‘We did phenomenally there’   rsbnetwork 

WaPo: Republicans Should Pick the Candidate Democrats Can Agree Most With.   thenationalpulse 

Rep. Brecheen: Secy. Mayorkas ‘Has Violated’ His Oath – One America News Network   oann 

Gas prices hit 8-month high   justthenews 

Free After 17 Years in Prison For a Rape He Didn’t Commit   consortiumnews 

Joe Biden Is Approaching His 'Watergate Moment' - 19FortyFive   19fortyfive 

Whitlock: Ice Cube and Tucker Carlson threaten the ‘gatekeepers’ simply by engaging - TheBlaze   blaze 

'I can't let them do this': Jill Biden's ex warns `Biden crime family' is doing to Trump what they did to him   bizpacreview 

Stalled coastal wind power projects imperil Biden’s climate agenda - POLITICO   politico 

A new taxpayer-funded "Queer" middle school is opening in Arizona next month   notthebee 

This is what happens when vulnerable teens who are full of raging adolescent hormones, social awkward   theepochtimes 

'GET OVER YOURSELF': Gaetz Steps Up for Parents, Blasts Heckler [WATCH]   hannity 

California’s War on Math   thefp 

Donald Trump indicted: Jack Smith files three new charges in classified documents case   washexam 

Trump urges Americans to take this action ahead of the 2024 election   rsbnetwork 

Tuberville: I Will Keep Blocking Nominees Until Biden Stops Making Americans Fund Abortion Tourism   lifenews 

Newly Uncovered Emails Don't Look Good for Hunter Biden   townhall 

BAR NONE: Buffalo Bar Removes Bud Light for Good in Now-Viral Video [WATCH]   hannity 

Horowitz: Why Byron Donalds’ comment regarding Florida’s education successes is so problematic - TheBlaze   blaze 

Hunter Biden Just Admitted In Court To Partnering With Communist Party-Linked Chinese Businessman   caller 

Biden Prosecutor Adds 3 More Charges to Trump Documents Case.   thenationalpulse 

CDC Study: Meat Allergy Caused By Tick Bite Becoming More Common – One America News Network   oann 

Randy Meisner, founding member of the Eagles and singer of `Take It to the Limit,' dies at 77   trib 

One in four Americans say there is currently a COVID-19 pandemic   yougov 

Federal Prosecutors Drop Campaign Finance Charge Against FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried – One America News Network   oann 

GOP Lawmakers Demand Explanation Of The 30 Million Documents Destroyed By IRS – One America News Network   oann 

Illinois Gov J.B. Pritzker Signs Bill That Could Shut Down Pregnancy Centers -   lifenews 

Judge rejects Hunter Biden plea deal, prosecution confirms he is under federal investigation   rsbnetwork 

Jason Aldean Forced To Edit ‘Try That In A Small Town’ Music Video – One America News Network   oann 

Hunter Biden transcript reveals plea deal gave immunity against illegal foreign lobbying charges - TheBlaze   blaze 

Detransitioner Chloe Cole Stuns Congress, This Is 'One of Biggest Medical Scandals' in U.S. History – RedState   redstate 

Leftist Parents "Flee" Florida Because Of New Laws Blocking Child Mutilation   zh 

NYC cabbie, 60, viciously beaten by 5 brutes on busy NYC street: video   nypost 

Transgender Dylan Mulvaney Charging $40K To Speak On ‘Female Empowerment’ During Tour – One America News Network   oann 

So is it US policy that some Jews must be banned from the Temple Mount?   elderofziyon 

REVEALED: Facebook, Instagram Censored Americans After Biden Team `Outrage'   thenationalpulse 

US Anthropology Group Joins Academic Boycott of Israel   consortiumnews 

Supercut: Try Spotting the Difference in Coverage Between the 2019 & 2023 Whistleblowers :: Grabien   grabien 

WATCH: Jill Biden's Former Husband Drops Bombshell Claim Bidens Weaponized Gov't and Targeted Him – RedState   redstate 

Trump announces speakers for upcoming Saturday rally in Pennsylvania   rsbnetwork 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Comer reveals bombshell about Joe Biden’s bank accounts   rsbnetwork 

Report: Number Of Migrant Families With Children Crossing Border Tripled In Last 2 Months – One America News Network   oann 

Albuquerque Serial Rapist ID'ed As School Bus Driver, DA Says - Breaking911   breaking911 

Eric Holder's anti-racist advice to Starbucks got the company sued – Twitchy   twitchy 

Biden Law Hands Billions to Foreign Firms Building Bases Abroad, & Murdoch’s Papers Approve.   thenationalpulse 

US State Department to brief lawmakers on suspension of Iran envoy Malley -   jns 

Texas Republican Mayra Flores out-fundraises Democrat Vicente Gonzalez: Campaign   washexam 

‘Barbaric Pseudoscience’: Chloe Cole Calls For Lawmakers To Protect Children From Transgender Procedures   dailywire 

LIVE: Examining the Science and Impact of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates – 7/27/23   rsbnetwork 

Michigan Gov's `Conversion Therapy' Ban Criminalizes Parents Who Don't Affirm Transgenderism.   thenationalpulse 

Biden's DOJ drops campaign finance charge against Democratic megadonor Sam Bankman-Fried - TheBlaze   blaze 

Police: 5-year-old Indiana boy high on cocaine fatally shoots 16-month-old brother high on marijuana - Washington Times   times 

Here We Go Again With the 'Biden Just Loves His Son' Narrative   townhall 

Alejandro Mayorkas Would Have Been Fired From Any Other Job by Now – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Missing cryptocurrency influencer's remains found dismembered in suitcase by children in Argentina - TheBlaze   blaze 

Rep. James Comer says banks submitted more than 170 suspicious activity reports on the Bidens – Twitchy   twitchy 

Dershowitz: Jack Smith Will Have To ‘Stretch the Law’ To Indict Pres. Trump For January 6th – One America News Network   oann 

Anheuser-Busch Continues Laying Off Hundreds Of Employees: Low Sales – One America News Network   oann 

CNN actually tweeted this! Come enjoy the comments.   notthebee 

How the Saudi Empire bought football - UnHerd   unherd 

Elon Musk calls for Constitutional amendment - TheBlaze   blaze 

Jill's ex-husband: 'Biden crime family' has threatened me for decades!   wnd 

Biden Cut a Massive Check to Ukraine After Forcing a Family to Pay $60,000 To Move Soldier’s Remains   townhall 

62% Of Food Derived From Forced Labor Is "Likely Produced In The U.S."   zh 

Nothing says innocent like trying to destroy incriminating evidence   wapo 

Jim Jordan Unleashes `The Facebook Files': Social Media Giant `Censored Americans Because Of Biden White House Pres   dailywire 

Jew-hater logic: Support children's rights? Burn a Torah!   elderofziyon 

Illegal alien dismembered man who overdosed and flushed his organs in order to avoid deportation, police say - TheBlaze   blaze 

The Emails That Laid out How Those Biden Foreign Business Deals Worked – RedState   redstate 

KJP's confident answer to question about Biden pardoning Hunter makes many think 'the fix is in' – Twitchy   twitchy 

House Republicans Vote to Stop Biden Policy Allowing Abortions Up to Birth at VA Clinics   lifenews 

Watch: Mitt Romney Argues That It Shouldn't Be Illegal For Government To Use Big Tech For Censorship   zh 

Market Has Achieved What Marx Wanted - Less Labor - HumanProgress   humanprogress 

Trump plans to put an end to European visas on U.S. citizens   rsbnetwork 

Expect Climate Alarmism To Heat Up This CA Wildfire Season   thefederalist 

Weaponizing commodities is in fashion. In September 2022, Russia cut off gas flows to Europe in a bid to weaken Eur   forpol 

'No silver lining in slavery': Scott slams DeSantis on Florida curriculum comments - POLITICO   politico 

THIS IS 'FEIN': Confused Cali Senator Launches into Remarks, Needs Help Saying 'Aye' [WATCH]   hannity 

Senate Democrats block oversight office to monitor US aid for Ukraine   nypost 

Lebanese military analyst: Lebanese army and Hezbollah are prepared for war with Israel   israelnationalnews 

Police found man's head and penis in a bucket after girlfriend allegedly murdered him during meth rage - TheBlaze   blaze 

Iran’s Quds Force leader: Man in Sweden ‘who disrespected the Quran should fear for his life’   jihad 

The Man Who Destroyed California Thinks He Can Save Entertainment   caller 

"Shocking" poll: Crime is still a major voter concern, "Bidenomics" not working – HotAir   hotair 

Press Hounded Starr Investigating Clinton. Jack Smith Pass - TheBlaze   blaze 

Sam Bankman-Fried charge dropped by Biden's DOJ – Twitchy   twitchy 

Jill Biden's Ex-Husband Speaks Out Against the 'Biden Crime Family'   townhall 

CBS reporter corners KJP with perfect questions on Hunter's plea deal that expose Biden's hypocrisy on guns   blaze 


Biden Asked Censors To Nuke Memes, Tucker Carlson Videos   thefederalist 

WSJ: California Spends Billions on Homelessness, with Little to Show   breitbart 

Requiem for London’s music   thecritic 

Anheuser-Busch sacks hundreds of corporate employees as Bud Light boycott continues to take its toll   blaze 

RT, Sputnik and other Russian media to open offices in Africa Putin   rt 

Jill Biden's Ex Says Joe's Brother Threatened Him After Divorce: `I Was On The Wrong Side Of Them'   dailywire 

A Very Narrow Electoral College Playing Field   cookpolitical 

Aliens? Sen. John Kennedy Has Something to Say About Them – PJ Media   pjmedia 

RFK Jr. Denied Secret Service Protection by Biden Administration After 88 Day Delayed Response – RedState   redstate 

New Evidence Emerges of Hunter Biden's Alleged FARA Violations – RedState   redstate 

Scrap AMC/KYC Laws   marginalrevolution 

The Moment Colleagues Plead With 90 Year-Old Sen. Feinstein to Not Explain Her Vote   townhall 


'We need to reduce cetacean bycatch before we lose our whales and dolphins'   express 

The Secret Service refused to hand over the "index" of persons who may have accessed the area of the White House wh   dailysignal 

African, Caribbean nations join forces to call for reparations for slavery –   euractiv 

Rep. Steve Cohen suggests putting 'some type of barriers' in women's locker rooms – Twitchy   twitchy 

Five public school employees arrested for failing to report sexual assault of a 15-year-old – HotAir   hotair 

Eagles founding member Randy Meisner dead at 77   fox 

Comer Reveals New Damaging Info About Biden and Offshore Accounts – RedState   redstate 

Leo Terrell Blows Up At Trump ‘Being Treated Unfairly’ Compared To Hunter Biden   caller 

CNN reports hottest world in 120,000 years but accompanying photo isn't convincing – Twitchy   twitchy 

Fox Co-Host Explodes On Democratic Strategist Dismissing Biden Scandals As ‘Hearsay’   caller 

CNN Asked GOP Rep About Hunter Biden, That's When Things Went Bad for the Network – RedState   redstate 

NYC cabbie, 60, gets brutal beatdown by 5 thugs in middle of busy Midtown Manhattan street · American Wire News   americanwirenews 


Hunter Biden Exposes Joe on Big Falsehood About China During Plea Hearing – RedState   redstate 

WATCH: Steve Cohen Accidentally Destroys Dems' Effort to Erase Women in One Brilliant Clip – RedState   redstate 

A devious plea deal   power 

WATCH: Candace Owens Drops Trailer Of Interview With Andrew Tate    dailywire 

The wounded Jewish psyche and the divided Israeli soul   timesofisrael 

Labour 'untrustworthy' when it comes to protecting pensions   express 

Uvalde Victim’s Mother Runs for Mayor – One America News Network   oann 

‘Global Warming’ Is Out. ‘Global Boiling’ Is In, United Nations Secretary-General Says   dailywire 

Discussing The Risks Of Detransitioning With Scott Newgent – One America News Network   oann 

Man who didn't get sweetheart plea deal examines the two tiers of justice – Twitchy   twitchy 

Old People Need to Stop Running Our Country - TheBlaze   blaze 

Official Court Transcript From Hunter's Foiled Plea Agreement Hearing Sure Seems to Show Attempted Fraud on the Cou   redstate 


The Facebook Files Reveal Pressure From the Biden Administration to Crush Free Speech – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Report: Hunter Biden Appeared Agitated, Worried as Plea Deal Fell Apart   breitbart 

‘What a total joke!’ Outrage when major charge is DROPPED for mega-Dem donor Sam Bankman-Fried · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

Did the U.S. Government Find Space Aliens and UFOs? - 19FortyFive   19fortyfive 

`Smoking-gun documents' prove Facebook censored Americans on behalf of White House, Jim Jordan says   fox 

Islamic Jihad threatens reporters who take photos of terrorists   elderofziyon 

Biden's Smirks and Changing Stories Reveal His Utter Disdain for the American People – RedState   redstate 

Our schools are not OK – HotAir   hotair 

Why America Is Losing the Tech War with China   nationalinterest 

Best political cartoons: Woke Cemetery · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

GOP Senator wants answers about fmr Biden official's luggage theft while on taxpayer-funded trip vi   bizpacreview 

Biden signs military justice reform for sexual assault cases - POLITICO   politico 


Emily Maitlis' 'sneering' attack on Nigel Farage has revealed true face of BBC, claim MPs   express 

Blinken Gets Subpoenaed as Military Officers Testify There Was No Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan   frontpagemag 

reposted @MassResistance latest article!   stream 

In defence of Coutts   specuk 

BREAKING: Special Counsel Jack Smith Indicts Third Person In Trump’s Classified Docs Case – One America News Network   oann 

VA Expands Breast Cancer Screenings, Mammograms for Veterans Who Served Overseas   military 

Sinéad O’Connor Warned Her Children What To Do If She ‘Died Suddenly’   dailywire 

More bad news for Massachusetts gun grabbers –   bearingarms 

LA SWAT Team Destroyed an Innocent Man's Shop, Left Him With the Bill   reason 

Hunter Biden's lawyers are 'fuming' at Judge Noreika, make comparison to infamous judge: Report - TheBlaze   blaze 

Sequoia Capital Slashes Crypto Fund as It Downsizes Amid Startup Crunch - WSJ   wsj 

Trump 2024: Most Voters Don’t Think Prosecutions Will Hurt - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 


Read why our own Aaron Walker has been suspended from Twitter and read his appeal   twitchy 

Ep. 299 Do You Trust the Government to Define "Misinformation"?   prageru 

Texas Officials Charge Teenager With Human Smuggling Near U.S.-Mexico Border – One America News Network   oann 

This former federal prosecutor has a great theory on what happened with Hunter Biden in court this week   notthebee 

'JUST SAY "AYE"': Hot mic catches confused Feinstein being told how to vote in awkward committee moment   fox 

Squires: The same people who pushed the 'don't say gay' fraud are back with 'don't say slave' - TheBlaze   blaze 

The Facebook Files: How the Biden Administration Cracked Down on Free Speech – RedState   redstate 

Biden Democrats and Crypto Donor Sam Bankman-Fried Get Huge Legal Gift from Feds – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Detransitioner issues 'desperate' plea to lawmakers: 'My childhood was ruined'   fox 

US played `critical role' in Crimean Bridge terror attacks Seymour Hersh   rt 

The Mulvaney Effect: Anheuser-Busch Laying Off Hundreds Of Employees   dailywire 

RFK Is Right -- We Don't Have Free Market Capitalism   rumble 

CNN has ‘meltdown’ as Hunter Biden’s plea deal unravels   marathon 

Judicial Watch Files FOIA Lawsuit against Justice Department for Hunter Biden IRS Investigation Documents   judicial 

NEW 'CLIMATE CHANGE' JUST DROPPED: UN Chief Says We've Entered 'Global Boiling' [WATCH]   hannity 

Labour council admits to charging green electric bin lorries with diesel generators   express 

WEF advisor: COVID is a model for making change – HotAir   hotair 

A CNN Host Decided to Ask a GOP Rep About Hunter Biden. It Was a Poor Decision.   townhall 

There Are UFOs! I've Seen The Bodies. in [Market-Ticker-Nad]   ticker 

Per by @HC_Richardson, As the Senate is controlled by Democrats, the fight among the House   substack 

Embark on the Fly To Earn Adventure: Join Satoshi Airlines' Beta App Testing @ArbitrumTodayHi   medium 

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