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Afghanistan: Sunni Muslim murders 100 Shi’ite Muslim children in jihad suicide attack at school  jihad 

'Just Kidding': Biden Yanks Student Loan Forgiveness From 770,000 Borrowers Because He Knows It's Probably Illegal   zh 

Text of Putin’s Speech Blasting ‘Neo-Colonial’ West – Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Tehran's Ayatullahs Attack Kurds in Response to Mass Protests inside Iran   meforum 

NICE ONE, NANCY: Watch Nasty Nancy Suggest DeSantis Needs Migrants to 'Pick the Crops' in FLA   hannity 

Six states suing Biden admin. over student loan forgiveness – One America News Network   oann 

Marjorie Taylor Greene blasts ongoing U.S. involvement in Ukraine: `It has nothing to do with Democracy'   rsbnetwork 

Pelosi really said red states should let illegal immigrants stay to "pick the crops"   notthebee 

SCOTT RITTER: The Onus Is on Biden & Putin – Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Qatar’s envoy to UN calls Jews ‘our enemies,’ calls down curse of Allah on homosexuals   jihad 

Pelosi: Farmers Need Illegal Immigrants ‘To Pick The Crops’   caller 

Sorry whites! Kamala says hurricane resources will be doled out "based on equity"   notthebee 

Truss doesn't just think Brits are lazy, she thinks we're stupid too, says ANGELA RAYNER   express 

HANNITY: Washington is now led by some of the dumbest people on the face of the earth   rumble 

New York EMT murdered in line of duty – One America News Network   oann 

Most registered voters say Trump shouldn’t be allowed to serve a second term, says new poll   thehill 

Bills are high and people are scared but trust me - the Government is on your side   thesun 

WSJ: Corporate Dirty Pool in Washington’s Senate Race   saraacarter 

‘NO SENSE OF FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY’: CBO Says Canceling Loans Will Cost $400B.   thedrilldown 

China, India and Brazil abstain in vote on US resolution, Russia vetoes   rt 

Alleged Waukesha parade attacker to represent himself at trial – One America News Network   oann 

Charges against Shannon Brandt upgraded from criminal vehicular homicide to MURDER –   twitchy 

New York Times Helps Biden Pretend He's Fixing Border Asylum Scam, When He's Literally Making It Worse - The Federalist   thefederalist 

Biden Administration's Gift to Russia: Iran Nuke Deal   gatestone 

The US Military’s Culture of Lies – Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Here's What Pro-Life Voters Must Do Today to Win the Elections   lifenews 

A Democrat Party Operative Is Helping Milwaukee Rig Its Elections   thefederalist 

Fauci And Wife’s Net Worth Skyrocketed During Pandemic, Analysis Finds   caller 

Jim Jordan: FBI is retaliating against whistleblowers who disclosed `purge' of conservate agents   bizpacreview 

"Globalists Are Marching Us Relentlessly Toward Nuclear Armageddon," Warns Former Senator   zh 

DeSantis Campaign Rips Kamala for Radical, Racist Remark About Hurricane Relief – RedState   redstate 

HOLD THE PHONE! Biden Apparently Has No Idea How to Hold a Phone Now   hannity 

Greece-Bulgaria pipeline starts operations to boost non-Russian gas flows   reuters 

Good! Biden's student loan bailout must be stopped!   thecollegefix 

Ginni Thomas stood by 2020 election fraud claims during Jan. 6 deposition: Lawyer   washexam 

President Trump Save America Rally LIVE in Warren, MI - 10/1/22 - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Russia accused of 'kidnapping' head of Ukraine nuclear plant =>   abc 

Two to three cups of coffee a day could lead to a longer life: study – The Hill   thehill 

N.Y. appeals court hears case on banning trans athletes in Conn. – One America News Network   oann 

Oz gains on Fetterman in PA Senate race: poll   justthenews 

Trump deposition in rape accuser’s defamation suit scheduled for Oct. 19   thehill 

Fauci, wife got even RICHER during pandemic   thepostmillennial 

California School District Promoted ‘Guidebook’ To Help Teachers Hide Students’ Gender Transitions From Parents   caller 

Pelosi: We need illegal immigrants to pick the crops in Florida – HotAir   hotair 

Gavin Newsom signs potentially unconstitutional bill to make California a sanctuary for trans kids - TheBlaze   blaze 

Eurostar cancels services as Brexit border checks cut capacity by 30%   euronews 

WATCH: Jill Biden Shoves Joe off the Stage as Reporters Shout Questions – RedState   redstate 

Stagflation Is "Just The Beginning" For America's Economic Crisis: Peter Navarro   zh 

North Korea fires ballistic missiles, marking fourth in a week   reuters 

As Ian batters Florida, Puerto Ricans fear being forgotten - POLITICO   politico 

some News   medium 

Britain’s Financial Disaster Is a Warning to the World - WSJ   wsj 

Calif. wants to listen in at your next doctor’s appointment   sfgate 

Federal judge upholds Georgia election integrity practices, deals a YUGE blow to Stacey Abrams   justthenews 

New Zealand PM UN Address Calls for Global Censorship of Climate Skeptics Watts Up With That?/Afraid of the truth?   wuwt 

'Irregular presence' of nuclear-capable Russian bombers detected near Finland   washexam 

No, gas prices are not still going down – HotAir   hotair 

Captain Tom memorial covered in 'human faeces and urine' by eco protester   express 

To see the cost of Labour, look no further than Wales, says Andrew RT Davies   express 

Untested rape kits plagued Memphis long before jogger case   thehill 

Yes, Texans actually pay more in taxes than Californians do   chron 

Exxon CEO Raises The Alarm Bell About Biden’s Latest Energy Plan   caller 

Diane Feinstein, 89 Continues To Deteriorate As Dems Keep Her In Office To Hold On To Power…   wz 

Our Coverage of the Ukraine War – Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Baltic Nord Stream 2 pipeline no longer leaking natural gas, says Denmark   euronews 

‘Finding Needles’: Liberal State’s Effort To Decriminalize Hard Drugs Turns Disastrous, Critics Say   caller 

First openly trans Army officer charged in plot to give U.S. military medical info to Russia - Breaking911   breaking911 

U.S. Pension Funds Could Be About To Implode   substack 

Two migrants shot while walking along rural road east of El Paso, Texas   chron 

Florida Congressional Hopeful Illegally Omitted Stock Holdings From Her Financial Disclosure, Watchdog Says   beacon 

Please Donate Towards Dr. Tim Ball's Funeral Expenses   wuwt 

For low-income people, this is a disaster, said a Miami-area food bank head   abc 

Hurricane Ian Hits South Carolina - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

World War III Anyone? Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Is One Giant Leap Toward Armageddon   revolver 

Perhaps the Supreme Court can address this racist and discrimination put forward by Harris   thinker 

Councillors reject £660k free school meals boost in Central Bedfordshire then approve own pay-rise   dailymail 

Joe Biden’s Pettiness Just Got so Much Worse – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Ukraine war: Russia accused of 'kidnapping' head of Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant #UkraineRussia   euronews 

The Next Big Battle Between Google and Apple Is for the Soul of Your Car - WSJ   wsj 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

'You loot, we shoot': Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issues a stark warning to opportunistic thieves as the Sunshine   dailymail 

Racist Pelosi Thinks Hispanics Only Good for Picking Crops ⋆ Conservative Firing Line   conservativefiringline 

What Did He Know, and When Did He Know It?   power 

Lidia Thorpe: Why Greens Senator is not fit for parliament   newsau 

Gradually Turns Sudden   steyn 

September Border Crossings To Set New Record, Internal Data Show   beacon 

SHOCKER: Bill Gates Met With Trump, Pressured Him Not to Investigate Vaccine Safety – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Solidarity with Iran as worldwide protests staged over death of Mahsa Amini   euronews 

The myth of ‘democratic backsliding’ - spiked   spiked-online 

Charity invents shoe that grows five sizes for children in developing countries   notthebee 

Pa. Senate race: Dr. Oz closes gap with Fetterman. Is it a warning?   usa 

Russia's annexation puts world `two or three steps away' from nuclear war. By ⁦@LizSly⁩   wapo 

Stocks dive on last day of September in worst closing since 2020   thehill 

Joe Rogan Clangs the Bell on 'Dangerous' Biden: 'Like, I’d Vote for Trump...' – RedState   redstate 

Dr Oz Closes In On Fetterman In Pennsylvania Senate Race: POLL   caller 

Ukraine war: Biden says US will not be intimidated by reckless Putin Radio Charlie:   bbc 

Global 'Unhappiness' Is Soaring   zh 

Italian researchers have built the first hydrogen-powered house in Europe   euronews 

CNN’s KFILE smear merchants attempt to tie Joe Kent to a white nationalist and it backfires badly –   twitchy 

Judge rules against Stacey Abrams group in voting rights lawsuit - Washington Times   times 

Joe Biden Delivers a Twofer of Absurdity at Rosh Hashanah Event – RedState   redstate 

EU approves mandatory energy savings and cap on company revenues   euronews 

Report: Chinese communists operating covert police operations in the US, Canada, and Europe - TheBlaze   blaze 

US slaps new sanctions on Russia after Putin annexes parts of Ukraine   abc 

D’OH! Stacy Abrams group loses lawsuit based on her refusal to accept a 2018 election loss –   twitchy 

Dear GOP: Don’t underestimate the American version of Canada’s Trudeau   thehill 

DeSantis Spox, Elon Musk blast Kamala Harris' remarks - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Past Statements Come Back With a Vengeance to Haunt Joe Biden and Ron Klain – RedState   redstate 

Stacey Abrams 2018 Suit Alleging 'Voter Suppression' Tossed – PJ Media   pjmedia 

In Sofia, von der Leyen hails new gas interconnector bringing ‘freedom from Russia’ –   euractiv 

Thanks for nothing, John Durham   thinker 

Catalonia independence: Is there any hope for separatists five years after failed referendum?   euronews 

More counties demand Texas declare invasion at southern border, bringing total to 32   justthenews 

Eliza Fletcher autopsy report reveals gunshot to head, fractures - TheBlaze   blaze 

Donald Trump Thanks Laurence Fox, Praises His 'Amazing' Performance in 'My Son Hunter'   breitbart 

Newsom signs bill declaring California a sanctuary for kidnappers – HotAir   hotair 

K. Melchior: Discrimination against minorities is like the canaries in the coal mine of democracy   euronews 

Can't make it to Dallas? Gun Rights Policy Conference will stream online. –   bearingarms 

IG complaint filed: Army vet wore official uniform in attack ad on GOP Senate candidate for Dem opponent 

Gold! Tom Elliott pairs awkward Biden video with the perfect soundtrack for ‘The Wanderer’ supercut –   twitchy 

Putin speaks to massive crowd celebrating new territories #   rt 

Elon Musk’s texts: What Gayle King, Jason Calacanis wanted - Protocol   protocol 

Attorney Who Firebombed Police Cruiser At George Floyd Riots Says She Was Drunk And Dealing With ‘Unprocessed Trauma’   caller 

Greta Thunberg replaced by a puppet – HotAir   hotair 

'Trust me,' says Truss after mini-budget causes havoc and as UK energy bills rise   euronews 

Joe Scarborough is Wrong. Jimmy Carter Is Our Worst Ex-President   thefederalist 

Girls team barred from locker room after objecting to changing in front of transgender teammate   thecollegefix 

Report: Afghan Refugee Charged with Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy   breitbart 


Fed-up border town sheriff pushes `zero-tolerance' policy, immediate deportation, no exceptions!   bizpacreview 

Enemies list? Fed-backed censorship machine targeted 20 news sites   justthenews 

Popular wrestler and politician Antonio Inoki dies at 79 =>   abc 

Newsom signs bill to limit use of hip-hop lyrics in criminal trials   thehill 

Ocasio-Cortez says 'Abortion rights are a class struggle' - TheBlaze   blaze 

Thread compiled   threadreaderapp 

FBI Revoking Security Clearances of Conservative Agents - The Lid   lidblog 

Jordan: Key Element of Hunter Biden Investigations Will Be ‘What Happened in 2020’   breitbart 

NRA mocks David Hogg for protesting with 'armed security'   washexam 

Spanberger explodes: Democrats need new leaders in the House – HotAir   hotair 

Federal Judge fights back against woke law schools, specifically urges against hiring from Yale Law School   thegreggjarrett 

Women's March 'unapologetically pro-abortion' - TheBlaze   blaze 


Judicial Watch Demands Providence (RI) Schools Cease and Desist “Retaliation and Harassment” Of Ramona Bessinger   legalins 

The left's suicidal pact with Silicon Valley   spiked-online 

Ginni Thomas Delivers Statement That Shuts Down Jan. 6 Committee – RedState   redstate 

Aspiring rapper arrested after leaving 'machine gun' in Uber: feds   nypost 

Pelosi decimated for claiming illegal immigrants need to stay in Florida to `pick the crops down here'   fox 

U.S. State Department Confirms That American Citizen Was Killed in Iranian Drone Attack   foreigndesknews 

'They Think They Are God': The Left's Response to Hurricane Ian Has Been Appalling – RedState   redstate 

Ukrainian intel shows Russian nuclear threat is ‘very high’: top Zelensky aide   thehill 

Police Arrest Over 20 People, Help Save Hundreds Of Dogs In State’s Largest Dogfighting Ring   caller 

Russian troops retreat as Ukraine's forces enter key town in annexed region   timesofisrael 

Using Horowitz to Defame DeSantis   frontpagemag 

The world’s largest carbon removal project will break ground in Wyoming – The Hill   thehill 


Russia abandons Ukrainian bastion, Putin ally suggests nuclear response   reuters 

Hurricane Ian leads to political whiplash for Ron DeSantis   thehill 

Male teacher was caught wearing a BRA while performing a sex act in an unlocked female toilet   dailymail 

Musk shows prototype humanoid robot; experts unimpressed   timesofisrael 

Renewables and the Great Texas Blackout: Baker Institute Study Tiptoes to Key Causality Watts Up With That?   wuwt 

Despite Crisis, Biden’s Radical Energy War Continues   townhall 

Abolition is a vision for the future   substack 

Harris on Hurricane Ian: Biden Admin Will Give ‘Resources Based on Equity’ and to ‘Communities of Color’   legalins 

California to adopt all-mail voting   thehill 

Man convicted of dumping 24 human body parts, including heads, in the Arizona desert - TheBlaze   blaze 

Report: Naked 80-Year-Old Protests a Biological Male in Her YMCA Shower, Gets Banned for Bigotry – RedState   redstate 

North Korea fires fourth ballistic missile in one week after Vice President Harris' gaffe   fox 


House Democrat Calls Out Pelosi Over 'Failed Leadership'   townhall 

Jack Posobiec On Annex Of Eastern Ukraine Being Underwritten By China   rumble 

changed a summary of what @FEMA_Deanne said about Florida and Hurricane Ian, but only after   dailysignal 

Liz Truss admits disruption after tax cut pledges: Dear God have we warped into a Parallel nightmare universe!   bbc 

Senate Republicans Highlight Biden's Many Failures in Just Two Years of His Presidency   townhall 

Biden administration proposes new permitting program for wind-power companies killing eagles - TheBlaze   blaze 

Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Gaffe: Let Them Pick Oranges – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Afghan evacuee charged with child sex crime in New Mexico: officials   fox 

Trooper Jack Burnell-Williams who walked with Queen's coffin at funeral found dead   express 

Crime and guns dominate first debate between Gov. J.B. Pritzker and GOP challenger Darren Bailey   trib 

China Opens 'Police Stations' On Canadian Soil With Virtually No Push Back - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

Moroccan Textbooks Emphasize Jewish History, Report Says   algemeiner 


FBI/DOJ Corruption: The Purge of Political Dissidents   uncoverdc 

Space Command, Commerce to stage commercial space tracking pilot this fall - Breaking Defense   breakingdefense 

Roy Wood Jr. tipped as new 'Daily Show' host after Trevor Noah's ratings slump   dailymail 

Workers' bizarre constitutional vax defence   newsau 

Canada’s spy agency persuaded Turkey to hide recruitment of spy who trafficked teens to Islamic State   jihad 

Burkina Faso: Gunfire erupts again a day after second military coup this year   euronews 

exposes candidate's lies; upends one of the year's most competitive congressional races   ap 

Militant Wire: Russian, Chinese, and Iranian Media Influence Efforts in Latin America - American Partisan   americanpartisan 

Ex-NSA Employee Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Hand Over Secrets To Undercover FBI Agent   caller 

The Week in Pictures: Cat 5 Bidenstorm Edition   power 

Lebanon receives written US-brokered proposal for maritime border deal with Israel   timesofisrael 

GOP prospects dim in New Hampshire Senate race   thehill 


Researchers Capture Rare Video of `Mourning' Mother Dolphin Staying with Deceased Calf for Days   goodnewsnetwork 

China Is Unnerved by Increasing Attacks on Chinese in Pakistan – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

Italy's Giorgia Meloni's Globalist Alliances Are Causing Alarm - RAIR   rairfoundation 

You are a Nazi.   catoinstitute 

Atlanta City Council member in nonmonogamous relationship - TheBlaze   blaze 

Louisiana man admits to trying to murder and dismember a gay man he met on LGBT dating app Grindr - TheBlaze   blaze 

Malaysia's ruling party pushes for national elections this year   reuters 

Are the Undersea Cables We Depend on Vulnerable to Russian Sabotage? – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Fact-checking the Texas governor debate between Greg Abbott and Beto O'Rourke   dallas 

Watchdog: 515 Voters Registered Twice in Six Minnesota Counties   breitbart 

Some officials now say monkeypox elimination unlikely in U.S. - Washington Times   times 

Seattle Hospital Won't Stop Performing Gender-Affirming Surgery   townhall 

A Refreshing Transformation From Sheriff Lombardo to Candidate for Nevada Governor – RedState   redstate 

Casey DeSantis finds her place in the spotlight during Hurricane Ian recovery – HotAir   hotair 

Russia vetoes Security Council resolution condemning its Ukraine annexations   timesofisrael 

Energy: The self-sufficient German town that gives back to the grid   euronews 

Biden declares emergency as Hurricane Ian hits South Carolina   euronews 

WATCH: UN Security Council Debate on Ukraine – Consortium News   consortiumnews 

Armed citizen holds stabbing suspect for police –   bearingarms 

Setting up face-off with West, Russian annexation marks harrowing moment in invasion   timesofisrael 

Senseless: NYC Veteran EMT Murdered Two Days After Eric Adams Boasted About City's 'Brand' – RedState   redstate 

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