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Need to determine the identity of a user on your intranet, LAN or WAN? Seeing suspicious activity in your server or proxy logs - but don't know who that IP address really is? WhoIP can tell you! You can now determine a user's identity through their IP address, even on the largest corporate or governmental networks.

WhoIP is a tiny, stealth software package that centrally tracks your users on a LAN or WAN, even with thousands of dynamically assigned IP addresses (e.g., DHCP). WhoIP is perfect for corporations concerned with internal controls and governance (e.g., new legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley). WhoIP will perform instantaneous tracking of IP address to user name, in real-time or in the past, letting you find out who is (or was) using your network.
BadBlue WhoIP - convert, translate or map IP address to logged-in or logged-on user even with DHCP; find a user's identity from their IP address
Key features of BadBlue WhoIP
Helps you identify the user of an IP address, even with DHCP
Tiny: downloads and installs in seconds
Stealth mode: can invisibly install to a single hidden folder
Centralized logging: logs user/IP to any web server for auditing purposes
Real-time support: query an IP in real-time to find out who is logged in
LAN/WAN: determine logged-in user even if they never went online
Built-in logging: internal logging provides backup to a central log server
Unobtrusive: will not affect performance and will remain invisible to user
Optional crisis communications module instantly messages user desktops

WhoIP evaluation packages are available -
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