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Chris Pratt shares video that's almost too patriotic - Louder With Crowder
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Britain is at risk of horrifying attacks just like the one in France, warns NIGEL FARAGE   express 

FBI finally shows doc, reveals Burisma bribery scheme alleges 5 million paid to EACH Biden · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

Mark Levin Goes Nuclear After Trump Is Indicted: THIS Is The Insurrection! - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

More parents in US rejecting HPV vaccine for kids citing safety concerns   sharylattkisson 

FBI works for the Democrats now   rcp 

Access to this page has been denied   sfgate 

Dem Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse reminds us that ‘presidents too must follow the law’ –   twitchy 

Taqiyya: Iran Actually Boasts About Deceiving the West in Nuclear Talks   gatestone 

A great deal for Britain   thecritic 

Poll: alphabet ideology losing ground with public – HotAir   hotair 

Second Trump Indictment Is Proof Of Two-Tiered Justice System   thefederalist 

Cracker Barrel touts rainbow rockers and Pride message, a middle finger to customer base · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

The Real 'Threat to Democracy?' Our Banana Republic Department of (in)Justice – RedState   redstate 

Covid inquiry will ask whether Brexit impacted UK’s pandemic response   thesun 

Biden Bribery Scandal Expands, Comer to Be Briefed on Two Additional FD-1023 Forms – RedState   redstate 

(POLL) Most Americans oppose transgender agenda   sharylattkisson 

Trump reacts to rumors that he will be indicted in DOJ’s ‘classified’ docs probe   rsbnetwork 

After East Palestine Snub, Media Panic Over Wildfire Haze In NYC   thefederalist 

Nikki Haley tours a "beautiful" oil rig in West Texas – HotAir   hotair 

Let's hope this is temporary. Very temporary   abc 

Johnny Depp tells Disney he won't do Pirate of the Caribbean - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Access to this page has been denied.   ibd 

BUD LIGHT LOSES TITLE: Embattled beer Brand No Longer Most Popular in America   hannity 

Washington women's spa with compulsory nudity is ordered by judge to start admitting trans women   dailymail 

Timeline of Trump documents: From the White House to Mar-a-Lago   usa 

Pufferfish Creating Beautiful Underwater Mandalas–A Scene of Pure Peace   goodnewsnetwork 

Defiant Tucker drops second molten HOT Twitter episode; reviving gay, trans rumors about Obamas · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

US Pushing into Troubled Waters with China   consortiumnews 

It's Past Time For Republicans To Impeach Biden And All His Men   thefederalist 

Call Them What They Truly Are: The Fascist Far Left   thinker 

Ronald Reagan's Path for American Renewal   beacon 

Finally, an Arabic article that describes the anti-Palestinian racism in Lebanon   elderofziyon 

Horrifying Report: Instagram Helps Connect 'Vast Pedophile Network' – RedState   redstate 

DeSantis ad used doctored images of Trump embracing Fauci and people are mad   notthebee 

David Harsanyi: Nothing to See Here but a Credible Whistleblower Accusing the President of Bribery   patriotpost 

Here’s Where the Other Investigations Against Trump Stand – DNyuz   dnyuz 

House Judiciary accuses FTC of taking political actions against Musk-owned Twitter   washexam 

Elitists Hate Trump Because He Gives The Wrong People Hope   thefederalist 

New York State Dems approve giving low-cost health care to illegals with feds footing the bill · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

Biden's DOJ weaponizing the FBI - Washington Times   times 

Trump Is Indicted, But Biden Is the Real Criminal – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Democrats' War Against Trump Is Absolutely Sickening   rcp 

EXCLUSIVE: Barr Confirms Raskin Lied About Biden Bribery Probe   thefederalist 

Michelle Obama's Exploitation of the Black Community   thinker 

WHO to proceed with EU Covid passport to usher in Global ‘Digital Health’ System   jihad 

Vax Propaganda Enters New Phase Amid ‘Wild’ Call for Unvaxed Blood   theepochtimes 

University of Pittsburgh's creative censorship tactic – HotAir   hotair 

SEAL Team 6 and what really happened on America's deadliest day in Afghanistan   dallas 

Carole Cadwalladr loses, yet again   specuk 

Leaked Video Shows D.C. Cops Were 'Rioters' and Instigators at J-6 Protest – PJ Media   pjmedia 

This Second Bogus Indictment Against Trump Is a War on the Republican Party   rumble 

New Trump indictment: What to know about the classified documents case - POLITICO   politico 

Dads' 'Toxic Masculinity’ Protects Kids From Pedophiles   thefederalist 

Cartoons and memes - click on the link below (not the image).   substack 

While Kevin McCarthy Condemns Trump Indictment, Mitch McConnell Remains Conspicuously Quiet – RedState   redstate 

Sean Hannity: This country is in serious trouble   rumble 

J.D. Vance: Biden 'Using the Justice System to Preemptively Steal the 2024 Election'   breitbart 

Trump indictment bad for Hillary: 'Is the statute of limitations up?' · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

WATCH: Resolute Former President Trump Releases Video, 'I Am an Innocent Man' – RedState   redstate 

Mike Lee Reminds Us Who Greenlighted the Raid on Mar-a-Lago ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily   thelibertydaily 

This Shhh is BANANAS: Trump indictment has Mike Lee implying the US has become a BANANA republic –   twitchy 

Cracker Barrel Has Fallen, Celebrates Pride Month, Faces Calls for Boycott – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Trump indictment blasted by prominent figures – One America News Network   oann 

Trump's surrender to federal charges is a wild card of possibilities   usa 

Trump indictment takeaways: Documents lead to historic federal case   usa 

Rubio To Release New Book as Longtime Aide Launches Think Tank   rcp 

Toronto Blue Jays'Anthony Bass taking part in Pride weekend - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

M.I.T. PhD Blows Fauci & Co Inc. Out of the Water - Activist Post   activistpost 

Musk's Neuralink got FDA approval for brain chips in human trials   usa 

So About Trump's Second Indictment   ticker 

DeSantis Statement On Reported Trump Indictment Elicits Praise and Fury   legalins 

Trump’s Latest Campaign Strategy Looks Like a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ – DNyuz   dnyuz 

Donald Trump: 'I Have Been Indicted ... I Am An Innocent Man!'   breitbart 

Well you are a democrat which means you lie all the time and are a part of a racist party   thinker 

Rachel Reeves backtracks over Labour's £28bn climate plan   specuk 

Prince Harry the Tyrannical   specuk 

EU's proposed ethics body 'toothless', say campaigners   euobserver 

Tell me, somebody please, what the hell does @UKLabour actually stand for?   bbc 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

If the Electoral System Were Actually Free and Fair   thinker 

Congress responds to LIV-PGA Golf Tour merger - POLITICO   politico 

U.S. declassified intelligence showing deepening Russia-Iran cooperation on weapons - POLITICO   politico 

Trump responds: "Election interference at the highest level" – HotAir   hotair 

No, you can’t rescue a pet from a hot car in Texas. Here’s what you should do instead   dallas 

Trump Indictment: Lack of Charges Over Hillary's Server Scandal is Highly Relevant, Not 'Whataboutism'   townhall 

REVEALED: DeSantis Fundraiser's Millions from China Tech Giant.   thenationalpulse 

University of California plans to hire illegal immigrants   thecollegefix 

FBI Documents Detail Weiner Laptop / Clinton Email Find Just Before the 2016 Election   judicial 

Newly Released Footage Shows Unedited Version Of Hawley Leaving Capitol   caller 

As Trump indicted for questionable crimes, real crimes uncovered by Durham Report remain unprosecuted   thinker 

More Hawaiians now live in the continental U.S. than on the islands   abc 

NYT Reporter Highlights Something Peculiar About One of the Charges in Trump Classified Doc Case   townhall 

Maine’s Legislature Passes Bill to Partially Decriminalize Prostitution   reason 

Ready for Socialized Electric Power?   thinker 

This Californian Democrat Might Be the Future of the Party - POLITICO   politico 

Megyn Kelly Lays Out ‘Twisted’ Details Linking Little-Known Media Consultant To Tucker’s Fox Leaks   caller 

Groundbreaking New Israeli Cancer Therapy Shows 90% Response   unitedwithisrael 

Still from today’s Morning Joe really sums up what Donald Trump means to our MSM –   twitchy 

Netanyahu delays meeting on 'doomsday' E1 settlement project amid US pressure   timesofisrael 

I Went Inside an Abortion Clinic for My Job, It Was the Most Depressing Place Ever -   lifenews 

Watch: elephants eating plastic in Sri Lanka sl media dont you see this.. all matters   euronews 

‘Make The Demons Stop’: Connecticut Man Charged With Sacrificing Mother, Strangling Cat, Police Say   caller 

Trump indicted by Biden DOJ on 7 charges 

Disgraced Hollywood director Bryan Singer said living in Israel, planning comeback   timesofisrael 

University of Manchester announces cyber incident, says data ‘likely’ copied   therecord 

Five Facts on the Battle for Ballot Access   realclearpolicy 

Sorry Pundits, George W. Bush Made the Saudis. Putin Too.   rcm 

Single-Family Zoning Linked With Income and Race Segregation   governing 

2024 GOP Candidates React To Trump Indictment   caller 

CCRKBA blasts Newsom's proposed constitutional amendment –   bearingarms 

Base Cuba: An 'unprecedented new threat' from China: Who controls the Caribbean controls the Western Hemisphere. b   thinker 

LeBron James, Drake's 'Black Ice,' another example of James' greatness   usa 

Archaeologists discover and replicate earliest musical instrument in the Middle East   timesofisrael 

Lockdown Dissenters Were Muzzled in the U.K. as Well as the U.S.   reason 

Trump to plead not guilty on charges related to classified documents - POLITICO   politico 

The Jews’ lesson for the West -   jns 

Biden Regime Indicts the Leader of the Opposition   frontpagemag 

Jerusalem's chief Sephardic rabbi condemns harassment of Christians   timesofisrael 

Jack Smith, Andrew Weissmann and Lisa Monaco's Novel Theory - US Code 793 to Prosecute Trump, It Won't Work - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Indonesia to Host ASEAN’s First Military Drill in South China Sea – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

LIV Won. It’s Still a PR Disaster for Saudi Arabia. - POLITICO   politico 

Two Major Hotels Abandoning San Francisco Because Streets are No Longer Safe   legalins 

We cannot move forward with ‘business as usual’ for nature –   euractiv 

EU’s air quality law fails to align with WHO air pollution limits –   euractiv 

Residents gather at French playground where four children were stabbed - as Macron visits victims   dailymail 

Navigating South Korea’s Plan for Preemption - War on the Rocks   warontherocks 

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 9, 2023 - UncoverDC   uncoverdc 


Tesla jumps as GM deal makes its charging network closer to US standard   reuters 

Merck sues US government to halt Medicare drug price negotiation   reuters 

The Pentagon Is Freaking Out About a Potential War With China - POLITICO   politico 

Aussies reveal what they really do when they WFH   newsau 

UNC-Chapel Hill Offering Lucrative Grants to Faculty Members for DEI Research   legalins 

France says nuclear power is ‘non-negotiable’ –   euractiv 

Carter three-star forward Chance Puryear commits to SMU   dallas 

Cowboys’ Sam Williams looks for offseason revelation to lead him toward Year 2 success   dallas 

Feeling more burned out this year? Here’s what new research says about that   dallas 

is all over #HigherEducation   campusreform 

She'll be 21 on her next birthday, why is she still pretending to be a schoolchild?   bbc 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Actor Michael J. Fox is 62 today.   abc 


Eurozone Slides Into Recession as Inflation Hurts Consumption - WSJ   wsj 

Missouri joins 21 other states in protecting women's sports   thecollegefix 

French 'backpack hero' says his faith gave him strength to fight knifeman   reuters 

"New Bud Light just dropped": Cracker Barrel shares their LGBT "pride" on Facebook   notthebee 

EU Council endorses anti-SLAPP directive position, not everyone is convinced –   euractiv 

Why NATO should aim to establish an office in China –   euractiv 

China’s interference is ‘increasingly aggressive’, French parliamentary report finds –   euractiv 

Environment Commissioner will ‘continue meeting’ lawmakers on Green Deal –   euractiv 

7 reasons to be highly skeptical of the legitimacy of the indictments of Trump   thinker 

Navy at risk of losing submarine edge to advanced undersea defenses by China and Russia - Washington Times   times 

Speaker McCarthy, Ron DeSantis and others react to Trump’s latest indictment –   twitchy 

Palestinian Authority President Abbas to visit China next week   timesofisrael 


Abbott Announces New 'Floating Barriers' to Deter Illegal Immigrants   townhall 

These Republican Primary Opponents Are Rallying Behind Trump After His Indictment   townhall 

Suella Braverman must force every chief constable to act on police watchdog’s ­withering report on failing, woke cops   thesun 

TGIF: Tangerine Squeeze & Marmalade Skies   thefp 

What will history make of Britain's treatment of Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin?   specuk 

Top EU Court strikes down Barcelona’s strict taxi-on-demand rules –   euractiv 

Let's talk climate scares and wildfires   thinker 

A sex-addicted regime   thinker 

Child victims of stabbing attack in France in critical but stable condition; president visits - Washington Times   times 

The Dominican Republic: a world leader in trans tyranny - spiked   spiked-online 

AI-Generated Chaos: DeSantis Campaign Raises Eyebrows with Provocative Trump Attack Ad – RedState   redstate 

U-turning Rachel Reeves admits flagship Labour policy would crash the economy   express 


Europe's busiest airport might be a tricky place to travel from this summer.   euronews 

UK and US hail 'Atlantic declaration' to counter Russia and China   euronews 

Iran announces HUGE technical breakthroughs. Usually fictional, but HUGE!   elderofziyon 

Rabbinate: Wedding Without Chocolate Potentially Invalid (PreOccupied Territory)   elderofziyon 

EU lawyers for Russia: making 'good' money?   euobserver 

‘There Is No Substitute’: Biden’s Surgeon General Blames Excessive Phone Use For Mental Health Crisis   caller 

Biden's big 2024 challenge: Convincing voters the economy is actually good - POLITICO   politico 

Trump Indicted for Crime Every Admin in Last 40 Years was Guilty Of   frontpagemag 

Processed foods could ‘age’ your brain - what to avoid   express 

Nature Restoration: Commission supplies negotiators with line of defence –   euractiv 

Barroso: I am proud I launched the enhanced partnership with Kazakhstan –   euractiv 

Manchester City: 'Hysterical and 'hated at times' - Pep Guardiola is already the greatest - BBC Sport   bbc 


Stimulating the brain during sleep, Tel Aviv team says it's found key to better memory   timesofisrael 

Benjamin Fulford and Roseanne Barr Interview   rumble 

Spying, both at home and abroad, has been essential to CCP power   washexam 

Donald Trump indicted: Florida judge assigned case has history of ruling in Trump’s way   washexam 

Great. Trump case assigned to judge who halted FBI access to some seized documents last year   wapo 

Catholic sex abuse: Report detail claims against 150 Baltimore priests   usa 

'Freudian Slip': Nancy Mace Torches Biden's Reaction to Bribery Allegations   townhall 

AND THIS IS IN CALIFORNIA NO LESS Parents fight back against Antifa outside school board meeting   townhall 

Anti-DeSantis Whistleblower's Latest Antics Are Totally Unhinged   townhall 

Part One   threadreaderapp 

Unrolled thread from @moderateRepand1   threadreaderapp 

Now... I remember this x2   timesofisrael 


Nadine Dorries announces she's standing down as MP `immediately' amid honours row   thesun 

Man arrested in search for missing woman as cops grow 'increasingly concerned'   thesun 

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton `are in early stages of dating' after sparking romance rumours with cosy dinners   thesun 

Chinese don't want a black mermaid   thepostmillennial 

Why is the date missing on your pic? The article was actually May 11, 2020.   thegreggjarrett 

Hillary Clinton responds to Trump indictment with 'But Her Emails' merch pitch   thehill 

It's funny the Republicans cleared Clinton.   thehill 

Gingrich testifies before grand jury investigating Jan. 6   thehill 

I have thoughts. @FDRLST   thefederalist 

Merrick Garland's Version Of Justice For All Doesn't Include His Political Enemies   thefederalist 

BIDEN on BRIBERY SCHEME: `Where's the Money?!'   thefirsttv 

DON FIRES BACK: Trump Responds to Second Indictment, `I'm an Innocent Man'   thefirsttv 

Fibonacci's Traders Newsletter :   substack 

Haze & Poetry   substack 

The Most Dangerous Indictment in History   substack 

The former first lady reeks of hypocrisy on white flight   amspec 

`Frightening': Citizens group in Morro Bay fights world's largest lithium battery plant   sfgate 

Sofia Vergara Slices the Price on Her Elegant Beverly Hills Mansion to $18M   sfgate