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Bashar al-Assad requests more Russian bases and troops in Syria 
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Congressman Says ISIS Is a “Powder Keg” Under Joe Biden rightwing

Community Cites Security Concerns While Protesting Chinese Factory rightwing

Balloons Aren’t the Only Spy Tools China Uses rightwing

Arizona Supreme Court Greenlights Review Of Kari Lake Election Fraud Claim   caller 

Bragg's Phony Case Against Trump Shows Signs of Unraveling, to the Chagrin of Media Saps   thegreggjarrett 

COURT CANCELED: NY Grand Jury Won't Hear Testimony, Evidence, or Deliberate on Thursday   hannity 

This is the story. All else is details   rcp 

TRUMP BLASTS BRAGG: 'Drop the Case! Everybody Says There's No Crime Here!'   hannity 

Rob Moore - Andrew Tate Reveals Who Controls The World & The Truth About Freedom of Speech   rumble 


IRON MIKE WEIGHS IN! Tyson Doesn't Think Trump Should Go to Jail, Says Bragg Has an Agenda   hannity 

British parliament blocks TikTok over security concerns   reuters 

Dershowitz: A Communist front group ran the Stanford Law protest (updated) – HotAir   hotair 

Trump touts new piece of 'totally exculpatory' evidence and it appears to be a game-changer · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

WATCH: Kennedy Embarrasses Biden Judicial Nominee With Basic Questions on His Record   hannity 

Biden judicial nominee asked how he analyzes Brady motions. He has no idea what a Brady motion is.   notthebee 

DRAG, DONUTS, AND DeSANTIS: Florida Gov Shuts Down Donut Drag Event at FLA High School   hannity 

Boston radio has wild excuse for racist slur against ESPN's Kimes   sfgate 

CHAIR JORDAN: House Judiciary Investigating Alvin Bragg's 'Unprecedented Abuse' of Authority   hannity 

A Harvard Physicist Is Racing to Prove This Meteorite Is an Alien Probe - American Partisan   americanpartisan 

75% of Americans Ages to 17-24 are Unfit for Military Service   bigleaguepolitics 

Indictment of President Trump would be Unprecedented – One America News Network   oann 

Shock jock Howard Stern mocks MSNBC Trump fixation: ‘They were going f-ing berserk’ · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

Cue the screeching: NY grand jury NOT expected to consider Trump case Thursday (again, LOL) –   twitchy 

Kirk Cameron story hour crashed by satanic nuns in drag. Ummm… wut? –   twitchy 

Disney hosts world's largest corporate LGBTQ conference, press links DeSantis · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

CDC Warns of Deadly Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection Spreading Through America at "Alarming Rate"   notthebee 

'On Tour in Hell': Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers Evacuated   military 

Sinema Trashes Dems: ‘Old Dudes Eating Jell-O’ - POLITICO   politico 

Cornyn Name-Calls Because His Ukraine Policy Is Indefensible   thefederalist 

U.S. RC-135 Intelligence Gathering Jet Flying Unprecedented Mission Inside Finland's Airspace - The Aviationist   theaviationist 

Why a Denver School Shooting Is About to Be Smothered by the Liberal Media   townhall 

World Athletics bans transgender female athletes from competing in female world ranking events - BBC Sport   bbc 

Mission creep in Ukraine. So many good questions. So few, if any, honest, intelligent answers   rcp 

When it comes to human evil, the swastika has only one legitimate comparison   notthebee 

CNN International Platforms Antisemite to Accuse Jews of Racism   camera 

CDC: Drug-Resistant Infection Linked to Artificial Tears Products   breitbart 

Ghost children: the pupils who never came back after lockdown   specuk 

So, this is somehow a real headline   notthebee 

Arizona Supreme Court Finally Hands Kari Lake a Win, but the Media Doesn't Want You to Know About It – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Larry Elder: Arrest That Man   creators 

Kyrsten Sinema Roasts Her Democrat Colleagues in Unearthed Remarks That Could Cause Serious Problems – RedState   redstate 

Stanford’s War Against Its Own Students   thefp 

Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Chip Roy To Introduce Legislation To Eliminate Fauci’s NIAID - Dr. Rich Swier   drrichswier 

Calls in coalition for Gallant to quit for reportedly readying to urge overhaul halt   timesofisrael 

Tanning salon ordered by council to remove bikini-model poster for being 'offensive'   express 

Report: FBI Mole Known as ‘One-Eye’ Would Tip Off Hunter About Any China Probes   legalins 

Pakistan: To become lawyers, Ahmadis have to sign statement renouncing their faith   jihad 

Matt Taibbi takes on a horde of mouth-breathing anti-free-speech lawn flamingos and it’s GLORIOUS –   twitchy 

Canada's Bill C4 EXPLAINED: Criminalizing "Conversion Therapy" While Promoting "Transition Therapy"!   rumble 

Kidney Transplant Org To Distribute Organs Based On 'Equity'   thefederalist 

Rand Paul Corners Blinken on Failure to Hand Over COVID Funding Records   townhall 

Who Is Directing the Annoying Trump/Bragg Soap Opera? – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Iowa Bans Child Sex Change Treatments   caller 

DC appeals court rejects Trump's request, rules attorney must testify against him and turn over docs · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

Joe Biden comments on 'LGBTQ survivors' and his wife - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

President Biden's math of just taxing the rich doesn't add up #CatoEcon   catoinstitute 

DEA Warns Fentanyl Is Now Being Mixed With a Flesh-Eating Drug   townhall 

Dodging the Apocalypse ~   thinker 

This calf's escape from a Brooklyn slaughterhouse got her a one-way ticket to an animal sanctuary   notthebee 

Grand Jury Not Expected To Vote On Trump Indictment This Week: Report   dailywire 

WATCH: Rand Paul says Fauci 'weaponized the government' in lab leak cover-up   washexam 

DOJ Informants 'Invaded' and 'Interfered' in Proud Boys Defense Strategy, Attorneys Claim – RedState   redstate 

That ‘Arab Demographic Time Bomb’ In Israel? It Doesn’t Exist   jihad 

Hunter Biden's FBI mole named "One-Eye" – HotAir   hotair 

Shipley's celebrates March Madness with UH twist on classic   chron 

Record 3,700 antisemitic incidents reported in US in 2022, says ADL   timesofisrael 

CT-based career-services firm to lay off about 2,200 people   sfgate 

Poll: Biden Approval Slumps to Near Lowest Point of Presidency   breitbart 

Democrats Pay Off Their Goons in Philadelphia   townhall 

Trump beats Biden 48-43 beats DeSantis 61-31McLaughlin Poll: Biden-Radicals' Backfire   max 

Jill Biden: "We Need More Men" to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions -   lifenews 

Guess Who The Walls Are Closing In On In Alvin Bragg’s Trump Case   dailywire 

Biden admin flew migrants from Canada to the southern border 

GOP senator embarrasses Biden judicial nominee with basic legal question that every first-year law student knows - TheBlaze   blaze 

Biden’s Horrifying New Plan to Control Your Bank Accounts   breitbart 

Doocy Presses KJP On Chinese Energy Company Paying Biden Family Members   caller 

Robert Ariail - Political Cartoons Daily & Weekly – Townhall   townhall 

The ‘Sex Change’ I Had 40 Years Ago Was A Scam   thefederalist 

Biden's EPA Is Lowering the 'Environmental Justice' Boom on Louisiana's Disputed 'Cancer Alley'   realclearinvestigations 

Dudes Have Been Dominating Women’s History Month This Year   dailywire 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Ford Projects Its EV Division Will Lose Billions This Year   dailywire 

Manhattan DA Responds To Demands From House Republicans Investigating Trump Case   dailywire 

GOP bill seeks to break up part of NIH that Dr. Anthony Fauci led, impose term limits - Washington Times   times 

Check out this anime dating sim that does your taxes.   notthebee 

CDC Issues Alert After 3 People Die, 4 Have Eyeballs Removed After Using Eyedrops   dailywire 

Bones kept by German former eugenics institute buried in Berlin   timesofisrael 

WATCH: Andrea Mew Says Traditional Masculinity is Good, Not 'Toxic' - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

There's Finally a Time of Death Announced for the COVID Response Team – RedState   redstate 

Biden judicial nominees are a joke – HotAir   hotair 

What If City Renters Had More Political Power?   governing 

26 detained in Tel Aviv for public disturbances; Ayalon Highway blocked   timesofisrael 

Putin's War, Week 56. Putin Indicted for War Crimes, Xi Visits Moscow, and Sevastopol Attacked for a Third Time – RedState   redstate 

‘Answer My Question’: Sen. John Kennedy Grills Biden Treasury Secretary On ‘Unsustainable’ Debt   caller 

China’s Naval Strategists Dissect Ukraine’s USV Strike on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Base – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

Jonathan Portes – my part in his downfall   specuk 

This mom was fed up when her dog kept breaking into the baby's room. Then she realized why.   notthebee 

Biden approval "dips" into the 30s – HotAir   hotair 

Boris Johnson partygate probe branded 'witch hunt' by Red Wall MPs   express 

Glenn Beck checked out Chinese company that funneled millions to Bidens and would you look at that! –   twitchy 

Man Kicked Out Of CO Senate Gallery For Wearing Pro-Life Shirt   thefederalist 

Rishi sacrificed British sovereignty to EU bullies for a quiet life, says ARLENE FOSTER   express 

‘Squad’ Member Defends TikTok Amid Debate Over Possible Ban   dailywire 

Trump indictment: Grand jury won't meet to discuss Manhattan DA probe case this week   washexam 

Netanyahu, Gallant to make statements tonight; Gallant said set to urge halt to overhaul   timesofisrael 

This small Australia town is being taken over by minions and it's seriously the sweetest prank ever   notthebee 

Trump Indictment Watch Delayed as Grand Jury Hears Other Case, Sources Say – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Police open Ayalon highway in one direction after more than 2.5 hours   timesofisrael 

‘Media Literacy’ is the Hottest New Stupid Trend in Education   legalins 

MSN helps spread Jew-hatred by syndicating antisemitic Arab content   elderofziyon 

NFL Tight End Steps Away From Football After Getting Life-Changing Diagnosis   dailywire 

2018 Letter Shows Michael Cohen Made False Claims To Investigators About Hush Money Payment To Stormy Daniels   dailywire 

Projection For The Rest Of The Year   ticker 

Most trans adults say transitioning made them more satisfied with their lives   wapo 

DEI training asks scholars which ethnicities should live or die in hypothetical scenario   thecollegefix 

Equatorial Guinea confirms eight more Marburg cases - WHO   reuters 

Another man is killing it in women's sports – HotAir   hotair 

NEWSMAX IS BACK: The Conservative News Network Inks New Deal With DirectTV   hannity 

Trump grand jury has new update: Report 

Diplomat: Israel-Poland pact on youth trips has educational, security parts   timesofisrael 

Horowitz: Sovereignty! Tennessee legislature proposes giving back all federal education funds - TheBlaze   blaze 

'Paid $190K to do nothing': Former Meta employee says company hoarded talent, did 'fake work' - TheBlaze   blaze 

100-foot stretch of Marin road buckles due to mudslide   sfgate 

Donald Trump's Potential Arrest Turns Into a Fundraising Boon – RedState   redstate 

Feds Say A.I.-Generated Art Is Ineligible For Copyright   reason 

Military Doctors Claim a 7-Year Old Can Make Decisions to Take – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Biden's Approval Falls Near the Lowest of His Presidency – PJ Media   pjmedia 

EU strikes ‘ground-breaking’ deal to cut maritime emissions –   euractiv 

As Critics Savage Movies, More Actors And Directors Strike Back   dailywire 


Here's why banning TikTok in the U.S. isn't a good idea... #CatoTechnology   catoinstitute 

NBC News’ Ken Dilanian goes full ‘Journalism™’ to defend Biden on classified doc handling –   twitchy 

Kari Lake gets big win from Arizona Supreme Court!   scoop 

How the Bank Collapse Goes Nuclear: This isn't a Silicon Valley problem, it's a global debt crisis, from   tabletmag 

Is a 30% increased risk of cancer "small?" – HotAir   hotair 

Top Political Strategist To Glenn Youngkin Joins Pro-DeSantis Group   dailywire 

‘They will not erase us!’ LGBTQ activists prepare for legislative fight at Texas Capitol   dallas 

`Answer my question': Sen. John Kennedy grills Biden Treasury Secretary on `unsustainable' debt   bizpacreview 

Mina Kimes, ESPN analyst, target of Boston radio host in racist slur   usa 

Thread by @TFL1728 on Thread Reader App   threadreaderapp 

Ultra-Orthodox urged not to confront planned protest in Bnei Brak   timesofisrael 

Zebra runs loose in Seoul before being taken back to zoo   sfgate 


Coinbase falls after US SEC threatens to sue over some crypto products   reuters 

90 Miles From Tyranny : House Republicans Launch Probe Into Manhattan DA's `Unprecedented Abuse' Of Office To Targe   90miles 

Stock Market Down After Federal Reserve Chair Issues Warning on Inflation   legalins 

Viral Video Of Subway Maniac Threatening Family Sparks Debate About How To Be A Man In An Increasingly Lawless Country   caller 

A Professor Abandoning A Spouse For A College Student Is Wicked   thefederalist 

TikTok congressional hearing: CEO Shou Chew grilled by US lawmakers   reuters 

NYT Catches Up to Parry But Still Falls Short on October Surprise   consortiumnews 

White House Economic Plan Puts Migrants Ahead of American Families   breitbart 

How To Buy A Football Club: Manchester United - 9. Manchester United: Deadline Day Extended - BBC Sounds   bbc 

There Is No Hope for the Regime Media   townhall 

New York holds top spot, London second in Z/Yen financial centre survey   reuters 

Stanford Law Disruptions Were Orchestrated by the National Lawyers Guild   gatestone 


German Public Sector Workers Continue Strikes   consortiumnews 

BUSTED: Looks like Alvin Bragg has lied his arse off about WAAAY more than we even know –   twitchy 

Gantz said to have held talks with government MKs, including Gallant   timesofisrael 

Big Win for Kari Lake as Arizona Supreme Court Sends Portion of Election Lawsuit Back to Trial Court – RedState   redstate 

Douglas Andrews: The WH Press Office Is Officially a Clown Show   patriotpost 

Disney defies DeSantis with plans for largest LGBTQ conference as "bloodbath" of lay-offs come – HotAir   hotair 

Lagunitas Chicago brewery taproom set to reopen   chibiz 

BREAKING: Manhattan grand jury won't consider Trump's case today   scoop 

UNFAIR: Biological male dominates women's cycling event in New York The Right Scoop   scoop 

VA School Violates Youngkin EO By Teaching White Guilt   thefederalist 

DeSantis Appears in Iowa as Campaign Manager and PACs Begin Positioning for Likely May Announcement - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

Class 12. Hybrid Warfare: What Is It?, by @AshaRangappa_   substack 


Do we need the BBC World Service?   specuk 

Richard Baris on DeSantis: "He is falling in the polls already!"   rumble 

We Don't Need Racial Quotas to Showcase America's Diversity   rcp 

House Judiciary Report Highlights the DOJ's Attack on Parents – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Is This the Bombshell Evidence That Destroyed Bragg’s Case Against Trump? – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Should You Be Bullish on Gold?   ntd 

Access to this page has been denied.   ibd 

Migration Myths and Political Change   governing 

As China War Looms, Navy's Priority is Going `Green'   frontpagemag 

It is clearer every day which party is radical, extreme, dangerous, and flat out crazy   thinker 

Trump could be indicted today after delay - here's what we know 

Bed Bath & Beyond Investor Preserves Fundraising Deal Even as Stock Dips Below $1   wsj 


Kamala Harris Takes The Stage, Immediately Starts Laughing Hysterically…   wz 

Between the court and the Knesset, overhaul critics and advocates pray for unity   timesofisrael 

Panel finds Assuta Rishon Lezion IVF mix-up due to embryologists' too-heavy workload   timesofisrael 

Starmer squirms over foreign criminals   specuk 

BP weighs buying control of solar power JV Lightsource BP -sources   reuters 

JENNY BETH MARTIN: The Soviet-Style Persecution Of Donald Trump   caller 

State house passes bill prohibiting book bans   chibiz 

Head teachers call for Ofsted to be replaced por Miguel Adolfo Ledo Nass Zambrano A petition will be handed to the   bbc 

Can We Call It an Invasion Now? - American Partisan   americanpartisan 

United Nations is coming to control the water - Washington Times   times 

China criticizes possible U.S. plan to force TikTok sale - Washington Times   times 

Unrolled thread from @sms2sms   threadreaderapp 


Michigan Landlords Sue To Not Give Tenants Voter Registration   thefederalist 

Getting harder and harder to disagree with this   substack 

China to talk with Ghana over debt restructuring proposal -foreign ministry   reuters 

'Squad' Member, Leftist Congressmen Sell Out to China's TikTok   frontpagemag 

Communist Front Group Organized Shout-Down of Conservative – PJ Media   pjmedia 

A Strange Liberty: Politics Drops Its Pretenses   mises 

Read about the history of   medium 

Hawaii Governor Josh Green Signs "Kill More Babies" Bill to Expand Abortions -   lifenews 

Pennsylvania Dem Threatens To Withhold Funding From University of Pittsburgh Over Conservative Speakers   beacon 

Americans’ Faith In Banks Plummets Amid Financial Chaos   dailywire 

Suspect in Thomas Jefferson High School shooting arrested, Dallas ISD says   dallas 

Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias warns of data hack   chibiz 

$1T in new defense spending pledged by key US partners in 1 year: Analysis - Breaking Defense   breakingdefense 

DOJ makes weird argument defending gun prohibition for pot users –   bearingarms 

The Defense Team Defending th   ace 

Since he was mentioned at the HQ today   ace 

Shares of Jack Dorsey’s Block Fall on Short-Seller Report - WSJ   wsj 

pumped up by Western weapons, is held back by slow deliveries @washingtonpost   wapo 

Taiwan recalls ambassador as Honduras switches ties to China - Washington Times   times 

California bill would ban five chemicals from food, including Skittles - Washington Times   times 

Netanyahu summons Gallant to meeting at his office   timesofisrael