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The funniest outcome is if Prigozhin ends up ruining it for all the other oligarchs
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Is a Gas Shortage Coming Our Way? rightwing

2 Dead in Fighter Jet Accident rightwing

Hollywood Star Accused of Running a Secret Criminal Ring rightwing

15 Whoppers Joe Biden Told During State Of The Union Address   thefederalist 

Why Biden's speech worked   politico 

Intruder Breaches Base of Air Force One, Shot Fired   military 

In Bizarre SOTU Detour, Biden Blames January 6th For the Recent Attack on Paul Pelosi – RedState   redstate 

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WATCH: Roger Waters at UN Security Council on Ukraine   consortiumnews 

Assault Weapons Ban: A Dumb Idea Pushed By Dumb People   thefederalist 

WATCH: Republicans Shout Down Biden From the Floor During SOTU, Call Him a 'Liar' – RedState   redstate 

WATCH: President Trump Responds to Biden's SOTU Address With the 'Real State of the Union' – RedState   redstate 

President Trump's Response to the State of the Union   rumble 

‘Scientific And Public Health Failure’: Fauci Admits COVID Shots Didn’t Have A Chance Of Controlling The Pandemic   caller 

FBI confirms there was no insurrection on Jan. 6   washexam 

Marjorie Taylor Greene Shouts Back at Biden   wsj 

Unearthed video shows a naked Hunter Biden claiming Russian drug dealers stole his laptop   dailymail 

China Uses Spy Balloon Incident for Propaganda Against the US   saraacarter 

Don't Fall For Joe Biden's Economic Fairy Tale - The Federalist   thefederalist 

Chili's lifts ban on 'Office' character Pam Beesly   usa 

TRUMP RESPONDS! Don Blasts Biden in Pre-Recorded Rebuttal, 'Here's the Real State of the Union'   hannity 

Thoughts on tonight's speech   substack 

Trump Cuts Insulin Costs for Medicare Enrollees to $35 per Month   breitbart 

'Liar!' Republicans Epically Fact-Check Biden In Real-Time   thefederalist 

McCarthy shushes unruly Greene during State of the Union   sfgate 

State of the Union 2023 LIVE: Joe Biden speaking tonight as Republicans ready to respond   washexam 

Women’s Sports Advocate Riley Gaines to Attend Biden’s State of the Union Address   townhall 

Miracle newborn rescued from earthquake's rubble survives with umbilical cord intact; family perishes - TheBlaze   blaze 

Zoom CEO pay cut and lays off mass employees – One America News Network   oann 

BIG BANG WEARY: Climate Cultists Try to Stop Fireworks Show That Raises Money for Children   hannity 

Elon Lifts Steve Daines' Suspension - Announces New Policy Liberals Hate – RedState   redstate 

WATCH: Jill Biden and First Husband Doug Emhoff's Kiss Stole Joe's State of the Union Limelight – RedState   redstate 

[VIDEOS] JoeMentia STRIKES at the SOTU [UPDATED: 3 MORE!] The Right Scoop   scoop 

‘Broken Windows Policing’ & the Killing of Tyre Nichols   consortiumnews 

U.S. search and rescue teams set to arrive in Turkey on Wednesday   reuters 

Gallego accuses Sinema of not applauding Biden’s call to negotiate Medicare   thehill 

Congress Laughs And Boos Biden Over Claims About Oil And Gas Industry   dailywire 

Fawlty Towers: John Cleese to revive series with daughter. Ooooooh can't wait for revival of this gem!   bbc 

Dark Brandon descends on Biden's State of the Union address, melts GOP   usa 

‘Nonsensical And Random Yelling’: Biden Criticized For Fumbles, Repeated ‘Lies’ In SOTU Speech   dailywire 

‘End The Destruction Of Our Country’: Trump Responds To Joe Biden’s State Of The Union   caller 

Chicago civic leader Andrew McKenna dies   chibiz 

Biden’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad State of the Union (#SOTU2023) in real-time; Updating –   twitchy 

Calif. Dem bluntly responds to GOP's 'coastal elites' tweet   sfgate 

Iranians in Car Trunks at the U.S. Border: Never a Good Thing   meforum 

Chinese balloon part of vast aerial surveillance program, U.S. says   wapo 

Can we please, please, PLEASE end the Annual Imperialism Prom? – HotAir   hotair 

Energy lifeline for millions as Ofgem boss predicts exact date bills will fall   express 

State of the Union 2023: Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Biden 'doubling down on crazy' in GOP rebuttal   washexam 

Twitch streamers are being targeted for playing Hogwarts Legacy –   twitchy 

Romney on Santos: ‘He’s a sick puppy. He shouldn’t have been there’   thehill 

State Of Disaster: The State Of The Union's Worst-Dressed   thefederalist 

FACT CHECK: Biden Repeats Debunked Claims About January 6 During State of the Union – PJ Media   pjmedia 

FACT CHECK: Joe Biden's Claims About Inflation During State of the Union – PJ Media   pjmedia 

First lady and second gentleman share a kiss on the lips before SOTU address –   twitchy 

'An embarrassment': Romney on his sharp words for Santos - POLITICO   politico 

Anti-gunner sees that gun control doesn't provide safety –   bearingarms 

This teacher’s students will just have to pledge allegiance to the pride flag –   twitchy 

‘America’s Got Talent’ Magician Scott Alexander Dead At 52   caller 

7 People Biden Didn't Mention During His State Of The Union   thefederalist 

Amid Biden's State of the Union, Judicial Watch Is Still Seeking Answers About His Last Major Speech – RedState   redstate 

The Associated Press seeks Los Angeles based Music Journalist: #MEOtopjobs   ap 

A secret room that saved this girl's life Behind the sale of a masterpiece paint   bbc 

Biden Is Upset That We're Not in Awe of His Lousy Economy – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Woke Disney garbage, Slaves Built this Country - The Proud Family   marathon 

The anti-Bibi resistance wants Americans to thwart Israeli democracy -   jns 

Panda In The Room: Biden Mum on Chinese Balloon in SOTU   beacon 

LeBron James becomes NBA's all-time leading points scorer as he surpasses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar   dailymail 

A combative Biden defends record and challenges Republicans with 2024 in view by ⁦@danbalz⁩   wapo 

Congress unites behind Ukraine as Biden calls war ‘test for the ages’   thehill 

Greene yells ‘liar’ after Biden remark on Medicare, Social Security during State of the Union   thehill 

Biden's Big Speech Ignores the (Chinese Spy) Balloon in the Room – RedState   redstate 

Biden Tries To Claim That He Is Solving His Border Crisis As Crisis Continues To Worsen   dailywire 

Hot take: Weird how people protesting drag shows grew up watching M*A*S*H –   twitchy 

Biden gives lip service to immigration reform at SOTU   thehill 

It's a Swing and a Miss for Donald Trump's Latest Outrageous Attack on Ron DeSantis – RedState   redstate 

Watch Live: President Biden's 2023 State Of The Union Address To Congress   rcp 

GOP Rep. during border hearing: "Fentanyl is a weapon that is coming across our borders" – HotAir   hotair 

NYPD Officer Dies After Being Shot In Head During Attempted Robbery   dailywire 

India paper leaks: Cheating plagues India jobs coveted by millions Radio Charlie:   bbc 

Turkey Declares Monthslong State of Emergency in Quake-Hit Regions - WSJ   wsj 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Gary Jenkins, NYC’s Social Services Commissioner, to Resign: Sources – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Concerns over EPP chief’s leadership style, second salary –   euractiv 

Joy Reid Claims Biden’s Garbled Speech Is Proof His Age Is Not A Factor – Brit Hume Disagrees   dailywire 

What’s the meaning behind Mavericks star Kyrie Irving’s ‘Hélà’ signature on social media?   dallas 

'Crazy' and 'Wrong': Sarah Huckabee Sanders Destroys Biden Narrative in SOTU Response   townhall 

Israeli-American sentenced to 7 years in US prison over child sexual abuse material   timesofisrael 

Indonesia Confronts the Past, While Sidestepping the Present – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Delivers the GOP Response to SOTU: 'The Choice Is Between Normal and Crazy' – PJ Media   pjmedia 

What are the consequences of abortion?   heritage 

CBS deletes "We are ready to worship!" tweet - TheBlaze   blaze 

NASCAR star sentenced to over 3 years in Mexican prison after gun mishap - TheBlaze   blaze 

The America First Response to State of the Union: Roger Stone, Gen Flynn, Kash Patel, Poso & MORE   rumble 

NEW: China Turned Down Sec Def's Request for Secure Call With Defense Minister After Balloon Shot Down – RedState   redstate 

Methodist-Founded University Celebrates Its 'Condom Fairy' – RedState   redstate 

Masks required to kiss his own wife   rcp 

Labor Secretary Walsh tapped to be Tuesday night’s designated survivor - POLITICO   politico 

Judicial vacancies trigger suspension of trials in some parts of New Jersey - POLITICO   politico 

China Refused DOD Call After Spy Balloon Was Shot Down   dailywire 

Turkey Strikes Syrian Kurds as Earthquake Recovery Continues   breitbart 

Toxic gaming tackled by Ubisoft's unique police alert system BBC News has exclus   bbc 

Black Sabbath The Ballet to premiere in Birmingham in September   bbc 

Memphis police officer texted picture of Tyre Nichols following beating   thehill 

PSG under investigation over alleged undeclared labour   reuters 

U.S. Officials Send Earthquake Aid To Turkey, Joining International Support Response   dailywire 

Anti-gun group claims there is no "constitutional carry" –   bearingarms 

Florida Democrats offer doomed poison pills to permitless carry bill –   bearingarms 

How Marjorie Taylor Green Trolled Biden Ahead of State of the Union Address   townhall 

WaPo’s Glenn Kessler invites you to alert him to any malarkey during the SOTU speech –   twitchy 

Minor earthquake hits Israel, West Bank   timesofisrael 

Spanish patient associations urge caution as mask rules lifted –   euractiv 

US to deliver HIMARS systems to Poland –   euractiv 

Sweden also opposes Russian participation in the Olympics –   euractiv 

Austrian chancellor calls for EU solution to irregular migration –   euractiv 

German Defence Minister promises Leopard 1 tanks during Kyiv visit –   euractiv 

Unfit for purpose: EU migration system in crisis –   euractiv 

Italy to use EU funds to become energy hub for Europe, Meloni says –   euractiv 

Miami Hurricanes Hire New Defensive Coordinator Lance Guidry   caller 

An eye for a hurt feeling - spiked   spiked-online 

"This is the real State of the Union" Trump responds to Biden with savage speech   rumble 

Gabby Petito case: Newly released photo shows bloodied face   usa 

America's democracy is 'unbowed and unbroken,' says Biden in State of Union address   timesofisrael 

Watch the speech of the night from Governor Sarah Sanders! The Right Scoop   scoop 

I guess people won't recall when this happened   newsau 

Family of Murdered New Jersey GOP Councilwoman ‘Haven’t Heard Anything’ From the Police   legalins 

Doctors: 4 out of 5 children will outgrow gender confusion – HotAir   hotair 

Joe Biden deflects blame on inflation by calling it a 'global problem' - Washington Times   times 

Is anyone else having trouble following Joe Biden’s speech? –   twitchy 

Joe Rogan: ‘The idea that Jewish people are not into money is ridiculous’   timesofisrael 


Read How Tubi is opening doors for independent Black filmmakers!   substack 

Republicans call out Joe Biden’s lie about Medicare.   rumble 

MTG Has The Perfect Answer for Joe Biden's SOTU – RedState   redstate 

FACT CHECK: Biden's Call for Unity During the State of the Union – PJ Media   pjmedia 

1870 Meaning: Why Lawmakers Are Wearing Black Button at SOTUS – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Why Eagles’ Miles Sanders wants to hug Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence   dallas 

Welcome, new Congress (@HouseGOP) and @SpeakerMcCarthy. Time to get to work! #CatoSOTU   catoinstitute 

Watch — Rep. MTG Bursts Biden's Balloon: ‘He's Owned by China!’   breitbart 

LIVE BLOG: Joe Biden Delivers His State of the Union Address   townhall 

Shop boss held by cops after 11-year-old girl’s disappearance sparked major police search   thesun 

Biden's war in Ukraine to cover up illegal deep state operated bioweapons research facilities   rumble 

Biden's Labor Secretary Walsh to depart, reportedly to head up hockey union   reuters 


UN to Decide the Rights of Religious People in LGBTQ Matters?   sentinel 

Cowboys’ Tyler Smith moves way up in re-draft of NFL’s 2022 rookie class   dallas 

Bills to expose privacy threats from China clear first hurdle, meet with Democratic complaints - Washington Times   times 

Trump rips Club for Growth after he wasn’t invited to donor retreat   thehill 

Whitlock: Kyrie Irving’s freedom exposes the enslaved - TheBlaze   blaze 

Texas man jailed in Dallas monkey case says he'd do it again   sfgate 

Fewer than one in 200 companies have credible climate plans, says CDP   reuters 

US Navy Sailors Recover Remains of Chinese Spy Balloon but We Still Have Lots of Questions and No Plausible Answers – RedState   redstate 

Russian envoy makes veiled threats if Bosnia joins NATO –   euractiv 

Emergency fund to help Dutch low-income households with energy bills –   euractiv 

‘Fences protect Europe’, Orban says ahead of EU migration summit –   euractiv 

Mavs legend Dirk Nowitzki, others react to LeBron James breaking NBA all-time scoring mark   dallas 


Full Text: Arkansas Gov. Sanders GOP Response to Biden' SOTU   breitbart 

headlines: 'Race to find quake survivors' and a 'scar' on police   bbc 

Biden bows to China one week after it invades our borders   washexam 

Oklahoma transgender bill that caused uproar will be revised following protests, author reveals   washexam 

GOP divisions over Social Security, Medicare cuts forecast tough fights ahead   thehill 

Mitt Romney Confronts George Santos After State of the Union, Says He's a 'Sick Puppy' – RedState   redstate 

Labor Sec Marty Walsh Tenders His Resignation, Then Serves as the 'Designated Survivor' on SOTU Night – RedState   redstate 

FACT CHECK: Biden’s Remarks About Honoring Election Results During the State of the Union – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Sunak shuffles cabinet to bolster pledges on economy –   euractiv 

PolitiFact: Fact-checking President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address   dallas 

John Fetterman Brings Convicted Murderer to State of the Union   breitbart 

Harry and Meghan to be deposed in Samantha Markle defamation suit   bbc 


NEW --> Fact-checking President Biden's 2023 State of the Union address   wapo 

What is fentanyl poisoning? State of the Union guests lost child to it   usa 

State of the Union hecklers: What lawmakers yelled out   thehill 

Biden, GOP battle at raucous State of the Union   thehill 

We're in the endgame now.   substack 

Resort fees are fraud when your hotel looks out at a Carl's Jr. and a California traffic jam   sfgate 

This Is How We Win: Why Patriots Will Take the Day – PJ Media   pjmedia 

item Kendall `loves' now at chemist   newsau 

China Continues to Set Up Illegal Police Stations Worldwide   sentinel 

Putin Is Right: The War in Ukraine Is Partly America’s Fault – DNyuz   dnyuz 

Sal Paolantonio dismisses Cowboys’ Jerry Jones, says Eagles’ ‘bucket is full’   dallas 

Biden touts resilience after pandemic and Jan. 6 riot in State of the Union   dallas 


Man jailed in Dallas Zoo crimes plans to steal more animals if released, affidavits say   dallas 

‘Is This…Normal?’: Jill Biden’s Kiss With VP Harris’ Husband Goes Viral   dailywire 

Biden Opens State Of The Union Speech With Misleading Economic Claims   dailywire 

Biden Scolds SCOTUS For Overturning Roe — Right In Front Of Them   caller 

Biden Hints At Possible Free Community College During SOTU After Previously Taking It Off The Table   caller 

Watch Biden Pause SOTU Mid-Speech To Have It Out With Booing GOP   caller 

Biden rips 'outrageous' Big Oil profits, calls for quadrupling tax on stock buybacks - Washington Times   times 

Joe Biden reprises bid to cap insulin at $35 a month for everyone - Washington Times   times 

Joe Biden renews call for higher taxes on billionaires, corporations - Washington Times   times 

Biden blames Trump for national debt, deepens debt ceiling showdown - Washington Times   times 

Among Dr. Jill Biden’s SOTU guests are a couple who couldn’t get a life-saving abortion –   twitchy 

Aid to quake-hit Syria slowed by sanctions, war divisions   timesofisrael 


Priorities. #SOTU   substack 

What if a magnitude 7.8 earthquake were to hit the Bay Area?   sfgate 

'Move away from hypocrisy': Global South demands energy justice   reuters 

Biden Busted by Twitter for Lying About GOP Medicare Cuts, While He's Targeting Medicare Advantage – RedState   redstate 

How 'Black Swallow of Death' Became an American Hero of France|   military 

Universal Basic Asset: Reintegration of on-chain relationships   medium 

DEI is being treated as more important than the subjects being taught   legalins 

Biden: "The tax system is not fair." ⬇️ ⬇️⬇️   legitgov 

Biden’s Radical, Anti-Fossil Fuel Energy Policy Costs Americans Dearly   heritage 

Trump flew seven times on Jeffrey Epstein's private Lolita Express jet, flight logs reveal   dailymail 

Another bipartisan milestone Biden cites: passage of the Respect for Marriage Act. My comments on it: #CatoSOTU   catoinstitute 

The suspect in the Kaitlyn Esson case has now been charged, and he's still a man   bbc 

Two years ago, democracy faced its greatest threat since the Civil War, Pres. Biden says during his State of the   abc 

Maduro Extracts His Pound Of Fat Leonard Flesh   zh 

Americans' civil right to be free from crime   times 

Check out the @dcexaminer highlighting the BINGO card   washexam 

Greg Olsen isn't scared in the slightest that Tom Brady will steal his Fox broadcasting gig   usa 

In Totally Unsurprising Revelation, Pentagon Confirms China 'Declined Our Request' for Call   townhall 

Major tech firm Skai said set to pull funds from Israel due to judicial plans   timesofisrael 

Democrat NYC Mayor is Bussing Illegal Immigrants to Canada   thepoliticalinsider 

Biden's motorcade leaves White House   thehill