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Blinken commits U.S. to defending Philippines against armed attacks
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FBI Asked Cops To Let Protesters Into Michigan State Capitol Building, Informant Says   caller 

Liz Cheney's Concession Speech Was a Mentally Ill Cry for Help – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Trump-backed Harriet Hagemen ousts Rep. Liz Cheney in Wyo.   oann 

Best Historical Analog For Cheney Isn't Lincoln, It's Kaepernick   thefederalist 

Arizona Governor Announces That Gaps In Yuma Border Wall Have Been 'Closed'   thejeffreylord 

Biological male student who identifies as 'trans' denied membership by ALL University of Alabama sororities   thepostmillennial 

Report finds ‘hundreds’ more Americans tried to leave Afghanistan than Biden admin claimed   saraacarter 

New Ad Slams Biden for Failing to Defend Churches and Pregnancy Centers From Pro-Abortion Violence -   lifenews 

'A REFERENDUM ON THE WITCH HUNT': Cheney's Gone, Trump Says Jan. 6 Committee Should Be Next   hannity 

DOWN GOES CHENEY: Liz Loses Big in Wyoming, Trump Says 'She Should Be Ashamed'   hannity 

‘Holy delusions’! Liz Cheney reminds us who else also once lost a congressional race –   twitchy 

Cheney says she’s ‘thinking about’ running for president   thehill 

IRS Recruitment or Police Academy? New Photos of Agents Training Are Troublesome   townhall 

China Is Winning the Economic Race with the US – The Consequences Will Be Profound   gatestone 

These Two Amendments Are Trump's Friend Right Now   thinker 

Stop Calling Them Democrats. They're Communists.   thinker 

Hamas Terrorists Killed By Palestinian Islamic Jihad Rockets   jihad 

Access to this page has been denied.   ibd 

Democrats' 'No One Is Above The Law' Schtick Is A Cop-Out   thefederalist 

Trump-backed Alaska Senate candidate advances to general elections   oann 

Dead Superpower Walking   steyn 

Our "experts" keep leading us into buzzsaws   notthebee 

Covering Up Slavery in the Birth of the US – Consortium News   consortiumnews 

CEO Of Fact-Checking Website Snopes Suspended For Lying   thefederalist 

Sextant Stays operates an automated hotel in New Orleans - Protocol   protocol 

Liz Cheney Loses Her Primary: Here Are 10 Times She Embarrassed Herself   thepoliticalinsider 

My Encounter with Salman Rushdie – Will I be the next victim?    jihad 

US must arm Ukraine now, before it’s too late   thehill 

​In Latest Get-Trump Hit, DOJ And Media Deploy Russiagate Tricks   thefederalist 

Saudi Arabia sentences woman to 34 years for Twitter activism   timesofisrael 

Man Utd: Glazer family are 'open to selling a minority stake in the club' amid growing unrest   dailymail 

Liz Cheney and Her Supporters Learn Zero Lessons From Her Embarrassing Defeat – RedState   redstate 

A short history of Mahmoud Abbas' clear and explicit antisemitism   elderofziyon 

London Bridge station is CLOSED and trains re-directed as 70 firefighters tackle massive blaze   dailymail 

EXCLUSIVE: Santorum: Mar-A-Lago Raid Is Another Reason For A Convention Of States   caller 

Liz Cheney, After Losing By 37 Points, Says She Is ‘Thinking About’ A Presidential Run   caller 

Your Friends Were KILLED in [Market-Ticker-Nad]   ticker 

Environmentalists don't seem to care about golden eagles when it comes to wind power – HotAir   hotair 

New in Public Notice: Trumpworld incites the MAGA lunatic fringe against the FBI   substack 

Palestinian officials and media unanimously support Abbas' antisemitism   elderofziyon 

Ron Wyden's Wife Raked in PPP Loans While Laying Off Hundreds - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

The Justice System Has Gone Beria   thinker 

Two People Infected With West Nile Virus As Mosquitos Plague New York City   caller 

Mike Pence said he would 'consider' testifying to Jan 6 committee   usa 

Now that Liz Cheney is out, enjoy some of the best memes marking her departure   notthebee 

Biden secures climate legacy with Inflation Reduction Act, say activists   thehill 

Trans activists scream at elderly woman banned from YMCA - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

See EU in court! Truss rages at Brussels £15bn Brexit betrayal over 'clear breach' of deal   express 

Israel and Turkey to return ambassadors, restore full diplomatic ties   timesofisrael 

Iran-linked hacking group is targeting Israeli shipping, US cybersecurity firm says   timesofisrael 

Joan of Arc was not ‘nonbinary’ - spiked   spiked-online 

China to send troops to Russia for 'Vostok' exercise   reuters 

*** Election Night Livewire *** Cheney Day in Wyoming, Alaska Votes   breitbart 

From Israel to Spain, scientists warn of dire effects as Mediterranean heats up   timesofisrael 

Mahmoud Abbas's lifelong falsification of Jewish history   timesofisrael 

Cheney to launch anti-Trump organization after primary defeat - POLITICO   politico 

Pa. House candidate Jim Bognet releases ad against opponent   oann 

Red Arrows In Trouble As Team Keeps Losing Pilots At Alarming Rate - The Aviationist   theaviationist 

Mainstream Media Pushes Hard for Liz Cheney to Run for President in 2024 After Congressional Loss in Wyoming – RedState   redstate 

Climate change driving unprecedented forest fire loss –   euractiv 

MAGA Twitter celebrates the demise of Liz Cheney, Don Jr. leads the hilarious charge   bizpacreview 

EXCLUSIVE World Bank's IFC taps blockchain for carbon offsets   reuters 

A year of Taliban — only aid is keeping Afghan kids alive   euobserver 

Who will stand up for authors’ free speech? - spiked   spiked-online 

Teenage burglars celebrate after being spared prison   express 

How to prevent Europe’s forest fires –   euractiv 

Liz Cheney's graceless concession speech follows her landslide defeat in WY primary   thinker 

Biden signs $280B CHIPS Act, boasts of the jolt he foresees for US security and industry   dallas 

Nolte: MoneyBags Liz Cheney’s Only Future Is at Disgraced CNN   breitbart 

The demons of WitchTok   thecritic 

NATO says it is ready to step up forces if Serbia-Kosovo tensions escalate   reuters 

Tim Ryan Celebrates Endorsement From Republican Who Worked For Obama, Biden   beacon 

Wisconsin Appointed Felon Now Awaiting Trial For Armed Robbery To Gov’s Juvenile Justice Commission   caller 

Gutfeld: ‘Who is painting targets on people’s backs?’   bizpacreview 

Rebel Afghan Taliban commander killed trying to flee to Iran   timesofisrael 

The Episcopal Church embraces sex changes for children of 'all ages'   thepostmillennial 

Chinese vice premier urges greater effort to boost consumption   reuters 

Biden slammed "every single Republican" for voting against Inflation Reduction Act at bill signing – HotAir   hotair 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Minnesota school district defends deal with teachers' union to lay off white teachers first https   bizpacreview 

T.J. Cox, Democratic ex-congressman, arrested by feds for role in fraud schemes - Washington Times   times 

Anti-Trump Snowflake Liz Cheney Got Blown Out the Door Last Night   townhall 

Dog Gets Monkeypox from Owners, Report Says – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Glazov Gang: The Physical Appearance of Pro-Abortion Activists   jihad 

Former Democrat rep arrested in California on fraud charges   thepostmillennial 

Myanmar junta hits back at ASEAN after being barred from meetings   reuters 

From Civil Compromise to Partisan Persecution   thinker 

Somehow I don't think Cato Institute thought they would be describing Trump   catoinstitute 

China is sending troops to Russia - here's what they're doing 

NELLES: Americans Are Borrowing More Than Ever, and Biden's 'Zero Inflation' Lie Will Only Make It Worse.   thenationalpulse 

GET LOST LIZ! Folks in Wyoming React to a Possible Liz Cheney White House Run, ‘Please No’ – The First TV   thefirsttv 

Do you think blasphemers play a stupid game and win a stupid prize? Then I wrote this for you: h   substack 

Liz Cheney Somehow Manages to Spike the Football in Defeat – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Squad member expands rental property ownership while pushing landlord relief fund – HotAir   hotair 

Restaurants in blue cities starve for customers, as red-state Florida rocks, data shows   bizpacreview 

Fact-Checkers Side With the Truth, Call Out Stacey Abrams for Pro-Abortion Lies   townhall 

Israel and Turkey to restore ambassadors in full renewal of diplomatic ties   timesofisrael 

Britain will house 100,000 asylum seekers by the end of next year, government predicts   thesun 

White House Climate Science Overseer Sanctioned And Barred By The National Academy of Sciences – Summit News   summit 

The globalist agenda exposeed   rumble 

Bill Gates reveals his involvement in pushing through climate bill in interview with Bloomberg   fox 

we passed it and now we find out what's in it   wapo 

Less than two percent of Harvard faculty is conservative: survey   thecollegefix 

In Yosemite, summertime camping under trees can be dangerous   sfgate 

The Pit’ Part Two - A Vital Strategy Session presented by True The Vote 8/16/22   rumble 

Ever Think the System Is Rigged? Unfortunately—You’re Right – RedState   redstate 

Willie Nelson’s Long Encore – DNyuz   dnyuz 

Want to Return to Normalcy? Defund and Dismantle the FBI   townhall 

Adaptation of Anne Frank's diary banned by Texas school district   timesofisrael 

Torrential New Zealand rains, floods force evacuation of 200 homes-media   reuters 

The IRS to outman the Gestapo and Stasi   thinker 

Enough leftist 'paradigm changes'...let's try one of our own   thinker 

Bill Donohue to Newsmax: Anti-Rosary Push Reveals 'War on Traditional Moral Values'   max 

You knew it was coming: Liz Cheney’s next political move positively reeks of Principles™ –   twitchy 

'Blatant abuse of power': Ousted Florida prosecutor sues DeSantis over suspension - POLITICO   politico 

FDA finalizes ruling to improve access to hearing aids   oann 

'Isn't this all about their Netflix doc?' Harry and Meghan set to bring camera crew   express 

Cheney is Trump's last pro-impeachment scalp: The Republicans who crossed Trump at their peril   dailymail 

Florida judge rules pregnant 16-yr-old not mature enough to decide on abortion   bizpacreview 

CBS partners with anti-gun media to tout ATF's new "ghost gun" rules –   bearingarms 

Miami detective shot in head; in ‘extremely critical’ condition 

Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin to DOE: Don't strip Founding Fathers of famous nicknames in statewide tests - Washington Times   times 

Trump Demands Release Of Search Warrant Affidavit, Justice Department Trying To Keep It Sealed - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Hageman: Cheney focused on Trump ‘obsession’ instead of Wyoming   thehill 

Before You Inject Your Child: A Moving Testimony From Dr. Robert Malone   rumble 

Behind the Diversity Overhaul at the University of Tennessee   legalins 

Transgender student rejected from every University of Alabama sorority   fox 


Joe Who? Biden media blackout in effect on one-year anniversary of the fall of Afghanistan   bizpacreview 

Ukraine targets more Russian arms depots as safety fears grow at occupied nuclear plant 

Teachers reject 'embarrassing' proposal from Finance Ministry   timesofisrael 

Israeli companies tout big plans to develop renewable energy projects in MENA   timesofisrael 

With Trump Raid, Regime Delivered A Death Blow To Rule Of Law   thefederalist 

2024 Election Will Be Rigged If Big Tech Isn't Regulated By Then   thefederalist 

Husband and wife's nonprofit helps Auburn students facing difficult pregnancies   thecollegefix 

2024 preview? Cheney telegraphs her next, direct shot at Trump - POLITICO   politico 

She Won Her Texas Primary as an Unabashed Liberal. Now Michelle Vallejo Is Abandoning Her Far-Left Policies.   beacon 

Energy bills horror: Fears 'unprecedented numbers’ of pensioners will die this winter   express 

Why the sale of guns on Facebook in Iraq is so 'rife'   euronews 

How serious are the new claims against President Trump? @CatoPodcast   catoinstitute 


NYC to house migrants bused from TX in swanky Times Square hotel known as `Lullabuy of Broadway'   bizpacreview 

New ATF rules & armed teachers at school - VIP Gold live chat –   bearingarms 

Murkowski, Palin headline Alaska primaries, advance to general election stage · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

Yes, Liz Cheney compared herself to Abraham Lincoln in fantastical speech following stone-cold thumping · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

Saudi Arabia invests in Alphabet, Amazon, and BlackRock   washexam 

Israeli space tech startup Helios partners with Eta Space to make oxygen on Moon   timesofisrael 

The “Fact Checkers” Come for Hillsdale   power 

SNP left humiliated after spending £20MILLION on electric police cars... with no chargers   express 

Angela Rayner's boyfriend launches COUP against Starmer as plot could destroy authority   express 

How school district bureaucrats can get you fired for wrongthink   thinker 

Tucker lambastes the FBI's Whitmer kidnapping plot entrapment   thinker 

Families announce creation of ultra-Orthodox outpost in Judea and Samaria -   jns 


Abraham Accords Rippling Across Middle East: Free Trade, Technology Projects & Security Cooperation   honestreporting 

Good News On This Day in History, August 17 – Good News Network   goodnewsnetwork 

Kinzinger: Liz Cheney Will 'Chase Donald Trump to the Gates of Hell'   breitbart 

Boy, 12, admits burgling Claridge's and top London hotels in 10-month spree aided by brother, 13   dailymail 

Lawyers demand halt to interrogation of soldier in suspected friendly fire killing   timesofisrael 

Gantz defends meetings with Abbas in wake of 'despicable' holocaust comments   timesofisrael 

Father says pediatrician asked his 3-year-old son 'are you a boy or are you a girl?'   thepostmillennial 

How Trump Will Destroy Biden   thefirsttv 

With Cheney’s Ouster, at Least 8 of 10 GOP Trump Impeachment Backers Will Be Out of Congress Next Session   theepochtimes 

Venice mayor outraged at surfers motoring down Grand Canal   sfgate 

CBS News: Child Obesity Caused By Climate Change, Dan Ball with Dr. Jason Dean #OANN   rumble 

Embarrassing: Cheney's New Remarks About Running for President After Blowout Loss – RedState   redstate 


Mike Pence: "Calls To Defund The FBI Are Just As Wrong As Calls To Defund The Police"   rcp 

Liz Cheney Says She’s Thinking About Running for President After Primary Loss   ntd 

Over 200 Human Trafficking Victims Rescued In ‘Operation Cross Country’   lifezette 

THE COMEBACK: Palin Moves on to Alaska's General Election, Pledges to Fight D.C. Corruption   hannity 

Ranked Choice Voting Is a Bad Choice   heritage 

Demi Rose flaunts major underboob in risque outfit during photoshoot at home   express 

German liberals soften opposition to animal welfare levy –   euractiv 

A Prayer Against Wicked Leaders (Live From Cigars & Sermons)   clash 

Back to school ad shows Texas child wearing body armor for first day back   chron 

Chicago telehealth startup KeyCare raises $24 million in Series A round   chibiz 

PLA exercises after Pelosi Taiwan visit were largely pre-planned - Breaking Defense   breakingdefense 

SPAC Activity in July Reached the Lowest Levels in Five Years - WSJ   wsj 


Woman accused of sending death threats to Bennett released to house arrest   timesofisrael 

Liz Cheney thinks she's going to save the country like Abraham Lincoln [VIDEO]   scoop 

YOU’RE FIRED: Wyoming Republicans Terminate Liz Cheney by Big Margin – The First TV   thefirsttv 

Lab Rat Offspring Got Rib Malformations After COVID Vaccination: Moderna Trial Documents   theepochtimes 

How Masking Contributes to Long COVID   theepochtimes 

Liz Cheney the Latest Fatality From Trump Derangement Syndrome - The Stream   stream 

A miscarriage should never be a crime - spiked   spiked-online 

Russian shakes up Black Sea fleet command after series of blows in Crimea - state agency   reuters 

Rosary Sales Surge After 'The Atlantic' Calls Rosary 'An Extremist Symbol'   nationalfile 

Watch: DHS whistleblower leaks memo on ‘domestic extremists’ - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Man Raises $60,000 to Adopt Baby He Found Abandoned in Trash Can Covered in Ants -   lifenews 

Smart Contact Lenses that Diagnose Cancer Created by Scientists   goodnewsnetwork 


Boomerang? DOJ Admission It Over Collected Evidence in Trump Raid Creates New Legal Drama - The Foreign Desk   foreigndesknews 

GMB's Alex Beresford hits back as he's told to 'stick your weather warnings up your a**e'   express 

Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God - Dr. Rich Swier   drrichswier 

Minneapolis is No Longer Part of America   cdn 

New Podcast: The FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, and much more   cfp 

UPDATE: Police probing Orkney rape reports make two arrests   bbc 

Peter Navarro has harsh words for `Clown Prince' Jared Kushner for `derailing' Trump's presidency   americanwirenews 

Wisconsin added a convicted felon, currently on trial, to Governor's Juvenile Justice Commission · American Wire News   americanwirenews 

The Biden administration's war on parents continues   washexam 

Rights groups ask Defense Ministry to stop sales of phone hacking tool to Uganda   timesofisrael 

Syria denies it detained US journalist, on 10th anniversary of his disappearance   timesofisrael 

New Ad Campaign Highlights Biden's Failure to Defend Pro-Life Organizations from Attacks   townhall 

Germany summons Palestinian representative to protest Abbas's '50 holocausts' remarks   timesofisrael 

Should we break up Facebook to save it?   thehill 

Kids Need Parents' Tough Conversations To Counter Progressivism   thefederalist 

The Biden Agenda: America First (To Be Screwed)   thefederalist 

The 5G War — Technology Versus Humanity   theepochtimes 

Scholars challenge K-12 social studies curricula with new liberty-minded standards   thecollegefix 

Pigment of Your Imagination   takimag 

Biden's proposed police bill, in context   substack