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If You're White, Karine Jean-Pierre Thinks You're Racist – PJ Media
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Biologist Confirms Unborn Babies are Human Beings, Have Heartbeat 22 Days After Conception -   lifenews 

Loading 3rd party ad content   smh-au 

‘Profound Grief’: 18 Children, 3 Adults Dead in Texas School Shooting – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Another good article by @oflynnsocial   spiked-online 

Will Capitalist Chile Follow Venezuela to Ruin?   nationalinterest 

Elon Musk Responds to Report Bill Gates's Funding Opposition - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

House Republicans Want To Release Video Evidence Debunking Democrat Claims About Capitol Riot - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Elon Musk Is Right: Have More Kids   thefederalist 

Hemingway: Our Country Is Beset By Moral Rot   thefederalist 

Arizona Department of Education Invites 10-Year-Olds to Talk With Strangers Online About Their Sexual Identities – RedState   redstate 

Horrific Elementary School Shooting in Ulvalde, Texas, 18 Students Killed and One Teacher - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

60,000 Migrants Waiting in Mexico Across Border From El Paso, Texas   theepochtimes 

The federal government should not be funding activism!   thecollegefix 

Blake Masters: I Would Support A "Viable Alternative" To Mitch McConnell For Senate Leadership   rcp 

BREAKING: MTG easily wins Republican primary for her district!   scoop 

GOP Congressman Lays out What Should Happen to Dems Who Sabotaged Georgia as ‘Jim Crow 2.0' – RedState   redstate 

May 24 Primary Preview: House Races to Watch   cookpolitical 

What happens if your NFT gets stolen?   express 

Most Don't Know it Was Andrew Weissmann Who Publicly Released the Carter Page FISA Application, Even Fewer Know Why - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

JOHN KIRIAKOU: Penetrating the Blue Wall – Consortium News   consortiumnews 

WHO withdraws 12 Biden 'sovereignty' amendments amid fierce opposition   wnd 

Herschel Walker wins Georgia GOP Senate primary - Washington Times   times 

Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece says it’s ‘easier to get a gun than baby formula’ –   twitchy 

(UPDATED) 22 dead in mass shooting at Texas elementary school, including 18 students and 3 teachers - TheBlaze   blaze 

Abortion Clinic Shut Down After Injuring Multiple Women in Botched Abortions -   lifenews 

Air Force Cadets Denied Commissions for Refusing COVID Vaccine   townhall 

Marjorie Taylor Greene Visits Dem Candidate's Office to Wish Them Luck, Finds Empty, Messy Sty - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Moldova's former pro-Russian President Igor Dodon has been arrested on suspicion of corruption   euronews 

A Shocking Amount Of Democrats Believe In Idea Behind ‘Great Replacement’   caller 

Assassination attempt on George W. Bush foiled, suspect arrested 

Durham Trial: FBI Counterintelligence Chief of Trump Russia Scam Has a Lousy Memory – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Highly Vaxxed Portugal Also Has Highest COVID Daily Death Count in the EU – RedState   redstate 

Michael Sussman trial: FBI agent under investigation in internal FBI probe of Crossfire Hurricane –   twitchy 

She Survived an Abortion, Now She's Fighting to Save Babies From Abortions -   lifenews 

CERNOVICH and KELLY: Facts VS Fiction in the American Media – The First TV   thefirsttv 

Georgia politician Brian Kemp draws ire for ad with gun aimed at teen   usa 

New Biden Team Shake-up Causing Turmoil in White House – RedState   redstate 

Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas Primary Election Night, Results and Open Discussion - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

FBI Agent at Sussmann Trial Just Dropped a Bomb About an Ongoing Investigation – RedState   redstate 

U.S. Air Force Will Host ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ on Military Base to Commemorate Pride Month - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

CNN suggests Al Jazeera journalist was killed in 'targeted attack' by IDF troops   timesofisrael 

Davos elites warn nations not to resist 'painful global transition'   wnd 

World faces 'dark hour', Biden tells Asia summit as India's Modi stays silent on Russia   euronews 

Squires: Vote, but remember government should serve our interests, not run our lives - TheBlaze   blaze 

An Epidemic of Sexual Assaults of Children in Public Schools Has Been Flying Under the Radar – RedState   redstate 

Paul, Cruz threaten filibuster on guns - POLITICO   politico 

Lay off the homeschoolers   notthebee 

A very happy Pansexual Visibility Day to you all!   notthebee 

The Morning Rant – cut.jib.newsletter   cutjibnewsletter 

Male teacher brags about wearing women's underwear to school, coming out as non-binary to students   thepostmillennial 

Former FBI investigator details fortifying America's schools after Texas school shooting   fox 

Herschel Walker clinches GOP Senate nomination in Georgia   thehill 

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Praises First Responders After Arlington School Shooting – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Texas gunman kills 18 children, 3 adults in elementary school massacre   timesofisrael 

Hawley: $40 Billion To Ukraine Is Nation-Building That Hoses US Interests   thefederalist 

Texas shooting: 'Two dead, over a dozen injured' at elementary school   euronews 

Nancy Pelosi Suggests Archbishop Denying Her Communion Is Hypocritical   caller 

18 kids dead in TX elementary school shooting 

18 children, 3 adults dead in Texas school shooting   thehill 

You're probably not getting enough sleep. Here's why you should get more.   notthebee 

69-yr-old Florida woman says she warned home invader to `back off dude', but he didn't. Now, he's dead as a Doornai   bizpacreview 

Clueless College Wrecks Itself With 'Pride' Poster Promoting Islamic Lesbians – RedState   redstate 

Durham Trial: FBI Brass Hid Hillary Connection From Agents Probing Trump-Russia Bank Hoax – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Rep. Ruben Gallego calls Sen. Ted Cruz a ‘f**king baby killer’ –   twitchy 

Kemp defeats Perdue in Georgia, a major blow to Trump   thehill 

West Ham United footballer Kurt Zouma has pleaded guilty to abusing his pet cat   euronews 

Gov. Gavin Newsom wastes no time blaming the GOP after mass shooting at Texas elementary school –   twitchy 

Canadian Jewish groups, leaders challenge Vancouver residency of designated terrorist -   jns 

First likely case of monkeypox reported in California   sfgate 

The state of the COVID pandemic in the SF Bay Area   sfgate 

Terrorists Are Now Taking Advantage of Biden’s Open Borders to Try and Assassinate American Presidents   townhall 

Multiple fatalities reported after mass shooting at Texas elementary school; Updated: NYT says 14 children killed –   twitchy 

Superfat introduces the ‘fatness spectrum,’ which ranges from small fat to infinifat –   twitchy 

Sussmann trial reveals FBI internal investigation of Crossfire Hurricane agents – HotAir   hotair 

57 members of Congress request the FBI to violate its own policies to investigate Israel   elderofziyon 

Jerusalem Day 'Flag March' will limit attendance at Damascus Gate, Western Wall   timesofisrael 

Faith leaders react to Texas school shooting: 'Act of pure evil'   fox 

100% authentic! Verdict on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop   wnd 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS: Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Minnesota and Arkansas –   twitchy 

Election results 2022: Kemp notches huge primary win in Georgia - POLITICO   politico 

Texas governor signs permitless gun carry into law   usa 

SF cops reportedly did nothing to end Quickly car burglaries   sfgate 

Obamacare 'Time-Bomb' Puts Democrats in Further Peril Heading Into the Midterms – RedState   redstate 

Three months on, Russia's war in Ukraine has no end in sight   euronews 

REPORT: Alec Baldwin Reacts To Airport Fight Video, Says ‘People Come To Work With An Expectation Of Safety’   caller 

Joffe business partner says he was tasked with tying Trump associates to Russia - Washington Times   times 

GOP candidate challenging Nancy Mace shocks during South Carolina debate - TheBlaze   blaze 

Yankees' Josh Donaldson still lost after 'Jackie' incident   sfgate 

World May Have Just '10 Weeks' of Wheat Supplies Left in Storage   nationalfile 

ORWELLIAN: World Economic Forum Globalist Pushes 'Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker' - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

Texas Gov To Send 450 Buses Full Of Illegal Aliens So That Joe Biden Can Meet His New Constituents…   wz 

Southern Baptist leaders say they will release names of alleged abusers kept secret for years   wapo 

Leader of Ukraine's far-right Azov brigade alive in Russian captivity — wife   timesofisrael 

Hundreds of brown pelicans turn up sick, dead in California   sfgate 

NIGHTMARE: 18 Children, 1 Adult Dead in Texas Elementary School Shooting [UPDATED] – PJ Media   pjmedia 

EXCLUSIVE: Never-Trump Candidate Seen Allegedly Illegally Forging Petition Signatures In Parking Lot In Effort To Run Against Elise Stefanik   caller 

Warriors coach Kerr rips GOP senators after Texas shooting   sfgate 

New York subway shooting suspect charged with second-degree murder   reuters 

Terrifying Moments From the World Economic Forum Conference - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

'What About the Death Penalty?': Nancy Pelosi Lashes Out at  Archbishop, Church for Denying Her Communion - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Biden still slidin': Harvard-Harris job approval 41%, underwater on all issues   hotair 

So important to focus on before millions lost their health care   wapo 

After court ruling, minister calls for 'serious discussion' on Temple Mount policies   timesofisrael 

Videos: Davos Elites Warn ‘Painful Global Transition’ Should Not Be Resisted By Nation States – Summit News   summit 

Uvalde Gunman Identified as 18-Year-Old Salvador Ramos   nationalfile 

Lagos chaos: Huge jet causes traffic madness after being towed down busy motorway   express 

Texas school shooting: At least 18 killed by active shooter in Uvalde   usa 

VP swears in Deborah Lipstadt as antisemitism envoy   timesofisrael 

After damaging leaks, Netanyahu tells party, 'hold your tongues, this gets recorded'   timesofisrael 

Dem strategist predicts doom for Democrats in November — unless they can move needle with one last lifeline - TheBlaze   blaze 

Ricky Gervais jokes about transgenderism in profane Netflix special - TheBlaze   blaze 

Brad Smith on Early Voting   power 

A speech so good he was sacked: HSBC head says investors don’t need to worry about “Climate Risk”   joannenova 

Abbott: Biden and Kamala have 'never once' reached out to him about the border crisis – HotAir   hotair 

Democrats are breaking America   donsurber 

Kissinger Warns Of "Fatal" Consequences If Zelenskyy Won't Negotiate - Big League Politics   bigleaguepolitics 

If you’re Cuban, you understand – Babalú Blog   babalu 

Georgia sees record voter turnout despite Biden's claim that voter ID law was 'Jim Crow 2.0'   thepostmillennial 

U.S. Could Send Special Forces To Ukraine To Protect Embassy - The Political Insider   thepoliticalinsider 

Niantic Lightship VPS will power location-based AR - Protocol   protocol 

Ricky Gervais Crosses the Line?   power 

UC pays record $700 million to women who accused UCLA gynecologist of sexual abuse   latimes 

Bang! Gun-rights group warns Biden setting up national firearms database   wnd 

Indiana Republicans DEFEAT Governor veto on bill banning biological males from women's sports https://   scoop 

World Economic Forum Panelist Demands 'Recalibration' Of Free Speech.   thenationalpulse 

Ken Paxton Wins Texas Attorney General GOP Primary   theepochtimes 


Herschel Walker Wins Georgia GOP Senate Primary   theepochtimes 

WATCH: Disgusting Video Shows Los Angeles Mob Drag Driver From Crashed Car Before They Rob and Beat Him – RedState   redstate 

Access to this page has been denied.   ibd 

State Records 50 Fresh Covid Cases, 35 From Hyd District   intimes 

Buffalo Clinic Shooting: Opening Statements Begin Monday In Gregory Ulrich Trial – WCCO   cbslocal 

Surprise! It's women spearheading massive pro-life movement   wnd 

'Incredibly significant': Quest for Ark of the Covenant takes man beneath Temple Mount   wnd 

Is opening the border the 'Christian' thing to do?   wnd 

Guns used more for self-defense than crimes - Washington Times   times 

State Farm donating transgender books for 5-year-olds to schools in Florida   washexam 

Turkish FM meets with PA President Abbas, says stance on Palestinians won't change   timesofisrael 

FBI says it thwarted Islamic State supporter's plot to kill ex-US president Bush   timesofisrael 


Greta Van Susteren hired by Newsmax   thehill 

Stacey Abrams' Spin on Voter Turnout in Georgia Defies Belief – RedState   redstate 

Audi's Gay Flag-Toting Hijabi is Pure Leftist Fantasy – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Peter Dutton to stand unopposed as next leader of the Liberal Party   newsau 

Answer to the question that you got   medium 

Gas Hits $6 a Gallon in California, Might Go Even Higher in Washington State   legalins 

Chicago's free money program "unexpectedly" swamped with applicants – HotAir   hotair 

Texas school shooting: 15 dead including multiple children as students rushed to hospital   express 

19 students, 2 adults killed in Uvalde school shooting; suspect dead   dallas 

San Francisco's Dysfunctional Plan for Homeless People   cityjrnl 

Austin memo spells truth out on gun buybacks –   bearingarms 

There is no good reason for Roger Wicker to be anywhere near Davos   thinker 


Joe Senile commits us to yet another war   thinker 

China is buying billions in US farmland and lawmakers are scrambling to try to stop them 

Texas Shooter Kills at Least 19 Children and Two Adults in Elementary School - WSJ   wsj 

WATCH: Trump ad cashes in on confirmation Hillary drove disinformation campaign   wnd 

Iowa high school holds drag show for students [VIDEO]   scoop 

The Ministry of Whose Truth   thedrilldown 

MLB, Woke Inc. – RedState   redstate 

Key moments in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial   reuters 

Jihadis Celebrate Monkeypox Outbreak As 'Divine Punishment' Of Gays, Atheist World   memri 

US Treasury targets Hamas investment portfolio with sanctions -   jns 

srinagar: J&K cop killed, daughter wounded in Srinagar terror attack   intimes 

Uvalde, Texas school shooting: 18 students, one adult killed, suspected shooter dead   fox 


WATCH: Stacey Abrams Struggles To Explain Why Black Turnout Is Soaring Under 'Jim Crow 2.0' - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Ukraine war enters 'most active phase of full-scale Russian aggression'   euronews 

Davos 2022: Is the world ready to fight off the next health crisis?   euronews 

Advocate Aurora Health sued for allegedly inflating prices   chibiz 

Colorado Primary Set For Next Month, Find Out When Your Ballot Will Arrive In The Mail – CBS Denver   cbslocal 

Report: Biden's DHS Released Illegal Alien on 'Terrorism Watch List' into U.S.   breitbart 

Why the ATF can't be trusted to be nonpartisan –   bearingarms 

Tech Policy in Congress and the European Union: Highlights from My Conversation with Peter Brown vi   aei 

Report: Dems think White House press secretary needs 'adult supervision'   wnd 

Biden, Harris pressure on Supreme Court ahead of Roe decision seen as part of a trend - Washington Times   times 

Israel reportedly asks mediators to warn Hamas against firing at Jerusalem Day march   timesofisrael 

Appeals court temporarily blocks Jan. 6 committee from getting RNC records   thehill 


On cusp of NBA Finals, this is Warriors' most rewarding team   sfgate 

Top Republicans query FBI on warrantless wiretapping of Americans   reuters 

California Policies Are Leaving Us With a Kindness Deficit – RedState   redstate 

Nate Jackson: Democrats Hate America   patriotpost 

Fitness and Recovery Tips for the Aging Military Member   military 

Accused ISIS Operative Allegedly Plotted to Assassinate Former President George W. Bush   military 

Georgia Primary Results: Herschel Walker to Face Warnock, Kemp to Face Abrams   legalins 

Caroline Glick: Radicals at war against Judeo-Christian roots of Western society -   jns 

"POTUS, frail, bitterly partisan, desecrating the memory of murdered children"   sentinel 

Citing lessons of Ukraine, US hopes to turn Taiwan into a 'porcupine' – HotAir   hotair 

Not to alarm you, but the robot dogs now have sniper rifles – HotAir   hotair 

Sarah Sanders wins Republican nomination for Arkansas governor: AP   fox 


San Diego considers proposal declaring itself 'safe city' for abortion   fox 

Texas shooting: Joe Biden calls for action on gun laws following school 'massacre'   express 

Zelensky issues warning as battle for Donbas rages on - 'They want to destroy everything'   express 

Angela Merkel's 'special deals' with Moscow blamed for Europe's dependence on Russian gas   express 

`Homophobia kills' Warning of toxic masculinity in football issued as Jake Daniels comes out   express 

Definitely, political graft is a better fit for Dem establishment   chron 


Herschel Walker Clinches Georgia`s U.S. Senate Republican Primary   breitbart 

Ga. Gov. Kemp wins nomination despite Trump's crusade against him   wapo 

GOP Gov. Brian Kemp will face off against Democrat Stacey Abrams in Georgia gubernatorial race this fall   usa 

Wuhan Laboratory Experimented With MonkeyPox Last Year And Shared Research Report In International Journal In Febru   thetruedefender 

Guns and kids are not political, Kids should win every time   pewresearch 

Donaldson was available to the #Yankees because yet another team didn't want him around any more   nypost 

Yes dear @BillFOXLA . Russians citizens were also admitted.   nypost 

On demands the Biden administration suspend immigrant enforcement in TX town after school sho   nwsbstrs 

CNNer Demands Biden Suspend Immigrant Enforcement in TX After School Shooting   nwsbstrs 

Poll: Most Say Stricter Gun Control Won't Prevent Mass Shootings   max 

Gunman Kills Multiple Children, One Teacher in Shooting at Elementary School   legalins 

Texas school shooter kills teacher and 18 children ⁦@latimes⁩   latimes 

Jalaun: Man held for writing names of Mughals in public toilet   intimes 

K-12 girls in Indiana athletics are protected from having to compete against biological males following the overrid   dailysignal