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Chris Sununu explains going from 'pretty close' to 'no' on New Hampshire Senate bid   washexam 

‘THERE’S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN’: Virginia AG Torches Far-Left Woke Warriors   hannity 

MP George Christensen issues dangerous Covid-19 vaccine message on podcast   newsau 

Texas Synagogue Attack Smells Like More Evidence Of FBI Corruption   thefederalist 

No, funnily enough I don't see it that way, since you ask.   specuk 

Report: Biden was warned of collapse of Afghan Air Force eight months before withdrawal – HotAir   hotair 

The Biden Administration's 'Diplomacy' with the Iranian Regime   gatestone 

Pro-Life MEP Roberta Metsola Elected as New President of European Parliament -   lifenews 

General Milley, Who Recently Met with President Biden, Just Tested Positive for Covid   beckernews 

Fourth COVID-19 vaccine 'not good enough' against Omicron: Israeli trial   thepostmillennial 

Mainstream Media Turns on Hapless Biden — in a Big Way – RedState   redstate 

Decision 2022: De Blasio Won’t Run for NY Governor – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

BLAS BAILS ON GOV BID: Bill de Blasio Announces He Won’t Run for Governor of New York   hannity 

Bill Clinton visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, unsealed court documents suggest   fox 

Parkland parent Fred Guttenberg accuses Karol Markowicz, who is Jewish, of antisemitism –   twitchy 

Shameless media already calling DeSantis more "radical" than Trump   notthebee 

‘Shut The F*ck Up’: Fan Heckles NYC Mayor Eric Adams At Madison Square Garden   caller 

Democrats Have Long Perverted MLK's Legacy – PJ Media   pjmedia 

Fifth Time's the Charm? Israeli Trial Shows 4th Shot of Covid Vaccine Doesn't Stop Omicron   beckernews 

Why Chaos in Liberal Cities Is a Warning to EVERYONE!   rumble 

Jihadists attack South Sudanese Christian community; 57 houses burned, 28 people murdered   notthebee 

‘This Is Jim Crow 2.0’: Rep. Clyburn Slams Election Integrity Laws, Defends Biden’s Divisive Speech   caller 

Texas Synagogue Shooter Had Radical Islamic Ties   max 

CUNY Professors Sue To Break With Anti-Semitic Union - Washington Free Beacon   beacon 

Dems lob racially charged attacks at party members who refuse to nuke Senate filibuster - Washington Times   times 

Biden Spent Nearly 1/3 Of First Year As President In Delaware   thejeffreylord 

With Rate Increases Looming, Investors Dump Shares of Money-Losing Companies - WSJ   wsj 

Father of slain UCLA grad student blames politicians for crime spike   fox 

Why The Ruling Class Is So Suddenly Contradicting Themselves On Covid   thefederalist 

Zuckerberg Group Funnels Six-Figures to Wuhan Lab Partner, Gain-of-Function Advocate.   thenationalpulse 

Dr. Robert Malone Posts Irrefutable Proof on Ivermectin and the Uttar Pradesh India Success Story   gateway 

the dumbest of times   jpost 

POLL: U.S. Shifted from Democratic to Republican Preference in 2021   human 

Talent agency drops Lara Logan over `unacceptable' comments, future at Fox reportedly in limbo   bizpacreview 

Why Democrats Think the 'Walls Are Closing In' on Trump...Again   townhall 

The Political Timing of the End of the Pandemic   thinker 

Clash over coal mine escalates, Czech minister heads to Warsaw –   euractiv 

The real crisis that could finish the Tories   specuk 

From the Archives: Monkey business starring two chimpanzees   latimes 

National's most desirable men   intimes 

Chhattisgarh: Villagers call new born calf with three eyes ‘God’   intimes 

Beto O’Rourke raises $7.2M in first 46 days of his campaign for Texas governor   dallas 

Auction House Reveals Extremely Rare 555.55-Carat Black Diamond   caller 

Exclusive: UN Funds Migrant Wave Flooding to the U.S.   breitbart 

How An Army Of Bros Can Save Us From Covid Insanity   thefederalist 

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit to Ban Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes   theepochtimes 

EXCLUSIVE: States Investigating Surge in Mortality Rate Among 18–49-Year-Olds, Majority Unrelated to COVID-19   theepochtimes 

Snowy weather continues for Great Lakes, above-average temperatures across Plains   fox 

Romania sees biggest daily jump in COVID-19 cases in three months   reuters 

Time to stop China's economic hostage-taking of Lithuania   euobserver 

Djokovic 2.0? - France to Ban Unvaxxed Foreign Athletes from Competition   breitbart 

WORTH A READ Putin's likely course of action in Ukraine   aei 

Thread by @NatalieStrecke1 on Thread Reader App   threadreaderapp 

BREAKING: Sen. Rand Paul cancels DirecTV after company drops OANN   thepostmillennial 

UPDATE: While the House Passed 'Build Back Better' Ted Lieu Was Boarding Luxury Cruise in NYC; Yea Vote Cast by Proxy – RedState   redstate 

TikTok is growing fast for creators, but the money is still on YouTube - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech   protocol 

There's MASK drama at the Supreme Court today The Right Scoop   scoop 

Sweden scraps demand for negative COVID test to enter country   reuters 

Two Democrats Challenge Senator John Kennedy, but Why Does the Media Prefer the White One? – RedState   redstate 

Former Trump Officials Held Call on How to Stop Ex-Boss   mediaite 

Higher Education Has Become an Instrument of Political Indoctrination   legalins 

Vote for #KaranKundrra in below Times Poll for National's Most Desirable Men   intimes 

Next up: Yet another futile and stupid filibuster strategy from Schumer? – HotAir   hotair 

Airlines warn of "catastrophic" 5G aviation "crisis" tomorrow – HotAir   hotair 

Washington Examiner's Restoring America Counters the Left's Assault, Offers Hope for Future   dailysignal 

NFL Films Catches Emotional Moment Between Damien Harris, Ivan Fears During Patriots’ Playoff Loss – CBS Boston   cbslocal 

Was the Terrorist Attack in Colleyville a Replay of the Terrorist Attack in Garland in 2015? - The Last Refuge   treehouse 

U.S. Democrats to start voting rights showdown with no clear path to victory   reuters 

Switzerland Covid death rate shows irrefutable evidence that boosters work   newsau 

Rep. Massie Shows Why D.C. House Member Shouldn’t Chair Transportation Committee   legalins 

Woman attacked at Union Station bus stop dies from injuries   latimes 

After booted from Australia, Djokovic denied participation in French Open over vaccine status   bizpacreview 

Critical Race Theory: Wrong for K-12 Education   thinker 

Man Utd outcast Anthony Martial 'agrees to join Juventus as talks continue over loan transfer'   thesun 

Rare black diamond from outer space could sell for over $6M   thehill 

How lockdown failed the most vulnerable - spiked   spiked-online 

Dems stare down another failure to deliver for their base - POLITICO   politico 

One year on: EU urges Russia to free Navalny   euobserver 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Belgium can extend life of nuclear reactors if it acts soon, watchdog says –   euractiv 

Saudi-led coalition strikes Sanaa, reprisal for Houthi attack on UAE - DEBKAfile   debka 

Eden Hazard 'SNUBS a move to Newcastle after Real Madrid accept £33.4m offer'   dailymail 

Pennsylvania Official Appears To Admit Election Laws Were Broken In 2020 (VIDEO)   americanlookout 

Russia won't withdraw missiles from Kaliningrad – Kremlin — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

Satellite images reveal China constructing large villages in Bhutan   newsau 

Niece of Iran's supreme leader imprisoned in Tehran   jpost 

Watch Popular Hindi Song Music Video - 'Mashhoor Banegi' Sung By Prateek Gandhi   intimes 

As Biden struggles, Trump skewers his favorite media and political targets   fox 

Cracker Barrel shooting: Suspected gunman killed by deputies, report says   fox 

BBC 'may not exist in 10 years' as licence fee threatened   express 

Gallup: Support for Democrats plunged, GOP surged as Biden struggled with virus, Afghanistan - Washington Times   times 

Hillary Clinton could run against Trump in 2024, say Democrat analysts   thepostmillennial 

He's Getting Worse - Joe Biden's MLK Jr. Speech was Delivered from Fake White House Set and It Was Prerecorded   gateway 

Why have the lockdowners never explained their reasoning?   rumble 

Israel offers UAE security, intelligence support after deadly Houthi attack   reuters 

Felony murder in a good cause   power 

Hochul Holds 4-1 Lead Over De Blasio in Governor’s Race, New Poll Finds – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Dems Refuse to Applaud When Gov. Youngkin Celebrates Parents - Louder With Crowder   louderwithcrowder 

Guy who shot cop in head tries to burn down therapists home   lawenforcementtoday 

I thought "ignorance" was no defence under the law   bbc 

The Great College Education Con   thinker 

Millions of us now are effectively banned from D.C.   wnd 

WHOA: NSO Group deployed spyware *within Israel itself* against the opponents of Bibi Netanyahu!   wapo 

Valerie Bertinelli on Eddie Van Halen: 'Love isn't a big enough word'   usa 

Chip giant Nvidia expands R&D operations in Israel   timesofisrael 

Dr. David Martin Advised To Follow The Patents To Understand COVID-19! - The True Defender !   thetruedefender 

Fox News Interview Goes Off Rails - Malone's Truth Bombs Are DROPPED - The True Defender !   thetruedefender 

Self-righteous Starmer is stuck in a trap of his own making   telegrph 

Explainer: Do 5G telecoms pose a threat to airline safety?   reuters 

North Korea: Tactical Guided Missiles Fired in Latest Test   military 

Millions of Tricare Beneficiaries Left Out of COVID-19 Test Reimbursement Plan   military 

Oxfam: Billionaires Gained $5 Trillion During Pandemic   mediaite 

Israel - "COVID 4th jab: Antibodies rise, not enough to prevent Omicron infection"   jpost 

Climate change bombshell as more than 500,000 lives 'saved' due to Britain's mild winters   express 

Moderna Plans To Have Combination COVID Booster, Flu Vaccine Ready By Fall 2023 – CBS Boston   cbslocal 

Another 200 Illegals Land in Britain as Channel Crisis Continues   breitbart 

Biden administration uses deep state and media to crush dissent   bizpacreview 

Afghan refugees saved by Israelis finally meet their rescuers   timesofisrael 

Real Madrid 'ready to let Eden Hazard leave in January transfer' amid Chelsea, Newcastle and Everton interest   thesun 

The hounding of a Scottish poet by trans activists   specuk 

European Parliament elects first female president in 20 years — RT World News   rt 

NATO troops invited to deploy near Russian border — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

Putin to brief China's Xi on Russia-NATO talks, Kremlin says   reuters 

El Salvador's millennial president is a man with one vision: Power   latimes 

Democrats Whip Up Fear Of Upcoming Elections Being ‘Rigged’   caller 

Texas Terrorist was Banned from UK Court After 9/11 Rants: Report   breitbart 

Since the vaccines fail against Omicron, science and reason tell us to end all vaccine mandates and COVID passes   thinker 


China destroys second revered Tibetan statue in Sichuan 

New York mayor says subway safe after woman shoved in front of train   thehill 

After Kazakhstan Crisis, China Will Reassess Its Influence in Central Asia – The Diplomat   thediplomat 

The BBC has been acting like the Fox News of the Left   telegrph 

‘Baby terrorist’ Alo-Bridget Namoa arrested after allegedly sending text messages threatening to kill   newsau 

Israel conducts successful test of Arrow 3 - DEBKAfile   debka 

Sacramento Neighborhood Gets New 20-Foot Tall Mural – CBS Sacramento   cbslocal 

Netflix Gives Its Toughest Audience What It Wants - WSJ   wsj 

When Will EVs Go Mainstream? It Depends on Uncle Sam - WSJ   wsj 

ABC News: Even Democrat Senators Are Wondering ‘Why [Biden] Took So Long’ To Ramp Up Testing   wz 

"It is impossible to quarantine and observe each of them"   wapo 

Over 70,000 protest COVID-19 rules in Germany - Washington Times   times 


CNN hires Rex Chapman to host a weekly show on CNN+ –   twitchy 

Supreme Court refuses to block mask mandate on airlines   scoop 

Supreme Court rejects bid to block mask mandate on airplanes   thehill 

Walmart exploring cryptocurrency, filings show   thehill 

Texas synagogue hostage-taker known to MI5 – reports — RT World News   rt 

Ukraine’s Zelensky secretly met with CIA boss – media — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union   rt 

Erdogan says cost concerns force U.S. rethink on EastMed gas pipeline   reuters 

Brazil's Bolsonaro to visit Suriname and Guayana for talks on oil cooperation   reuters 

No More Excuses, Dems Fix the Electoral Count Act   rcp 

You've noticed it, right? There's just something about L.A.’s light   latimes 

"Build Back Better"-When you see what it means, you'll be shocked   lawenforcementtoday 

Texas security guard tackles man armed with AR-15 during attempted robbery: 'I ain't no hero'   fox 


Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio reveals he won't be running for NY governor   fox 

Lambeth Bridge cordoned off as police boats and vans involved in major incident   express 

New High-Capacity COVID Testing Facility Opens At Bruce C. Bolling Building In Roxbury – CBS Boston   cbslocal 

The 2021 Arms Sales Risk Index is live!   catoinstitute 

Restaurant Employee Shoots Attacker Dead After Being Stabbed   breitbart 

Two Teenagers Arrested In England For Investigation Into Texas Synagogue Attack   bizpacreview 

40 percent of guns in South American reportedly from US –   bearingarms 

Maxine Waters: Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin don't care about minorities - Washington Times   times 

Thanks for sharing my story, @washingtonpost   wapo 

Mass distribution of free rapid COVID tests to begin next week   timesofisrael 

The Border Crisis Is Bad, But In Mexico A Larger Crisis Looms   thefederalist 

California Politicians Debate Raising Taxes For Illegal Aliens' Health Care   thefederalist 


CEOs From Major US Airlines Warn 5G Technology Could Ground Planes   theepochtimes 

For businesses and real estate in California   substack 

You CAN Help Democrats in the Senate Today, by @girlsreallyrule   substack 

MIT-Educated Doctor Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation After Prescribing Ivermectin – Summit News   summit 

The full story of how CBS picked John Madden’s booth partner   sfgate 

For two Italian musicians, being unvaccinated means being locked out of public life   sfgate 

Marin County's health officer on why omicron may be the end   sfgate 

Trump's failed Baja condo resort left buyers feeling betrayed and angry   latimes 

Ohio Republican Senate showdown: 'Cold war' with China spotlighted in latest major ad blitz   fox 

Rishi Sunak storms out of Sky interview when grilled on Boris   express 

Rapist Paul Shakespeare is locked up for nine years after raping girl, 18, in 1990   dailymail 

Inter Milan 'considering summer move for Paulo Dybala at the end of his Juventus contract'   dailymail 


Review of "Wrath: America Enraged" by Peter W. Wood   cityjrnl 

Crews Battle Cold Conditions, Fire At Home In Beechview – CBS Pittsburgh   cbslocal 

Dr. Fauci's NIAID spent over $200,000 to feminize monkeys   thinker 

No, the American experiment is not over   thinker 

COVID has become a worldwide cult   thinker 

Ukrainian ministry accuses Russia of being behind cyberattack 

Kohl’s Is Urged by Macellum to Make Changes or Explore Sale - WSJ   wsj 

Stocks Fall as Bond Yields Hit Two-Year High - WSJ   wsj 

A Politicized Fed Endangers the Economy - WSJ   wsj 

Democrats ponder Plan B strategy to circumvent voting rights filibuster   thehill 

Loading 3rd party ad content   smh-au 

Dominic Grieve wins   specuk 


Swine fever-hit Philippines sees 'substantial' growth in hog population   reuters 

Russia says Kyiv embassy working normally after report on families leaving   reuters 

Faltering Beirut port blast probe faces risk of new obstruction   reuters 

Norwegian killer Breivik begins parole hearing with Nazi salute   reuters 

A commercial BBC would fail British audiences, its boss says   reuters 

UK PM's former adviser says Johnson knew about lockdown party   reuters 

COVID-19: Democratic Voters Support Harsh Measures Against Unvaccinated - Rasmussen Reports®   rasmussen 

How a GOP majority in Congress might handle Biden in 2023 - POLITICO   politico 

Colleyville terrorist Malik Faisal allowed into US two weeks ago despite criminal record in UK   pacificpundit 

Yonkers Officer Injured After Police Open Fire on Man Waving Gun At Apartment Building – NBC New York   nbcnewyork 

Rare book on Jewish law was compiled in the 13th century and printed in the 15th   hayom 

Roberta Metsola vows to 'stand up' for EU after election win   euronews 

Over six million people in the UK to be exposed in fuel poverty   express 

Living with nuclear power plants at your border –   euractiv 

Gallup Shocker: GOP Now Leads Democrats in Voter Affiliation - Dr. Rich Swier   drrichswier 

Newcastle hoping to finalise £30m deal with Sevilla centre back Diego Carlos this week   dailymail 

Scottish Politics in Crisis as Craig Murray Testifies on 'Plot' Against Alex Salmond - Consortium News   consortiumnews 

560,000 May Lose COVID Pass After Booster Shot Requirement   breitbart 

Citigroup Nears Sale of Taiwan Consumer-Banking Business - WSJ   wsj 

Obama DoD OIG Official Sentenced to 7.5 Years in Prison For Accepting Bribes and Defrauding US Government   gateway 

Why the Labour Party is silent on grooming gangs   spiked-online