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2007-12-01 FileAward
BadBlue EE receives 5 of 5 Stars rating
2007-11-30 FileAward
BadBlue PE receives 5 of 5 Stars
2006-10-12 SoftPicks
BadBlue makes the Soft Picks hot-list
2006-06-12 Download PC
Excel-Web Sharing wins Editor's Choice Award
2006-06-12 Download PC
BadBlue File Sharing Web Server: 5 of 5 Stars
2006-05-12 Programs DB
BadBlue wins Editor's Choice Award
2006-04-08 Byte-Flow
BadBlue wins Byte-Flow Editors' Choice Award
2006-04-03 Simple Freeware
Simple Freeware awards BadBlue 5 of 5 Stars
2005-10-17 Critical Files
BadBlue 2.66 wins Editors' Choice Award
2005-09-12 iShow
BadBlue available on iShow Network
2005-07-25 FileEdge
Excel-Web Sharing: FileEdge Editor's Choice
2005-06-23 Byte-Flow
BadBlue wins Editor's Choice Award
2005-04-25 Critical Files
BadBlue Excel Web Sharing v2.63
2005-04-25 TaxIsle
TaxIsle's General Accounting Software
2005-04-25 Bob's Software Picks
The Excel Web Spreadsheet Server
2005-04-23 TrialDownloads
BadBlue Excel Web Collaboration Server 2.63
2005-04-17 ShareUp
BadBlue receives Five Star Rating
2005-04-17 ShaFree
BadBlue File Sharing Web Server 2.63
2005-04-17 FilesWeb
BadBlue Excel Web Collaboration Server 2.63
2005-03-06 Best Soft Order
BadBlue Excel Web Spreadsheet Server
2005-02-05 SharewarePost
BadBlue Excel Collaboration wins Five Star Award
2005-02-03 Better Solutions
BadBlue added to Better Solutions' Excel Listings
2005-01-10 Soft32
BadBlue 2.6 earns Five Star Rating from Soft32
2004-12-05 Business Software Reviews
BadBlue Excel-Web Server wins Five Star Award
2004-12-01 Office Addins.com
BadBlue makes the Office Add-ins & Tools Listing
2004-11-10 TrialSoft
BadBlue wins Editor's Choice and Five Star Awards
2004-10-05 Addict3D
BadBlue Easy File Sharing Web Server 2.53
2004-10-05 Wikiverse
BadBlue on Wikiverse
2004-07-05 AccountingPage
BadBlue Excel Sharing on AccountingPage
2004-07-05 Excel-Web Blog
Excel Web Collaboration Blog
2004-06-18 Top Shareware
BadBlue Excel Sharing Wins Five Star Award
2004-05-24 TechSpot
TechSpot's Download of the Day: BadBlue
2004-04-18 SnapFiles
BadBlue earns Five Star Rating from SnapFiles
2004-01-28 Bangkok Post
A look at the Net's gated communities
2004-01-22 Soft32
BadBlue earns Five Star Rating from Soft32
2004-01-03 ServerWatch
Web Serving -- P2P Style -- With BadBlue
2003-12-12 InternetWeek
Recording Industry Unwittingly Driving Adoption
2003-12-03 P2P Net
When 'p2p' isn't a dirty word
2003-11-16 USA Today
File-sharing goes to the next level
2003-11-05 Softpedia
BadBlue: Softpedia Editor's Pick, 5 star rating
2003-11-05 TinyBlip
The Privatization of P2P Networks
2003-11-05 PHP Magazine
BadBlue 2.43 Released
2003-11-05 PHP Builder
BadBlue 2.43 PHP Server for Windows released
2003-10-25 ShareUp
Five Star Rating for BadBlue from ShareUp
2003-10-12 Popular Shareware
Five Star Rating from Popular Shareware
2003-09-15 Business Week
The Underground Internet (Free premium article)
2003-08-25 DataFull [Espaņola]
A different P2P
2003-07-22 IBForum [Italy]
Install BadBlue, PHP, MySQL, MySQLAdmin
2003-06-12 BrotherSoft
BadBlue earns Five Star rating from BrotherSoft
2003-05-02 TechTV
BadBlue: sharing files with friends
2003-03-27 TechTV
An easy, free way to share files with a friend
2003-03-17 PHPbuilder
Installing PHP under BadBlue
2003-03-17 DevArticles
Installing PHP under BadBlue
2003-03-05 PChome Online
Editor's Pick: BadBlue, Five Star Rating
2003-01-06 NetworkWorldFusion
From peer to maturity
2002-11-03 TechTV
Sharing files privately over the Internet
2002-10-21 Integration Developer News
P2P Tools Target Microsoft Office Integration
2002-10-18 TechTV
Secure File Sharing
2002-10-16 OpenEnterprise Trends
Package Targets Microsoft Office Data Sharing
2002-09-06 TechTV
File sharing made easy with BadBlue
2002-09-04 PHP Developer
PHP library supports Word, Excel & Access
2002-08-26 ZDNet Japan
ZDNet Japan's Hot File of the Day
2002-07-17 MasterMind Explorer
New P2P tool allows safe sharing of work files
2002-06-24 Internet Product Watch
eBusiness: BadBlue Personal Edition
2002-06-19 WebAttack
BadBlue earns five star rating from WebAttack
2002-05-06 ZDNet
ZDNet Special Report: Enterprise P2P Platforms
2002-04-27 About.com
BadBlue selected as Internet Guide Pick
2002-03-19 WebMonkey
WebMonkey's File-Trading Roundup
2002-03-07 Techno Weenie
Personal web serving
2002-02-18 ZeroPaid
BadBlue P2P web server adds Gnutella support
2002-02-18 New York Internet
Good BadBlue
2002-02-17 InfoAnarchy
BadBlue P2P web server adds Gnutella support
2002-01-13 DSL Web Server
Run your own web server from home
2002-01-02 Java Zone
Wireless P2P: 'Let's All Get Along'
2001-12-21 Peer to Peer Central
Peer-to-peer underdogs: Three to watch in 2002
2001-12-03 PHPBuilder
BadBlue intros affordable PHP encoder
2001-11-12 NewbieNetwork
BadBlue PHP server adds built-in scheduling
2001-11-03 PHPhead
BadBlue PHP server adds built-in scheduling
2001-10-15 IBM DeveloperWorks
Relating peer-to-peer
2001-09-28 Futuredex
BadBlue: Company of the Day
2001-09-12 Ancestry.com
Create your own web server
2001-08-31 GnutellaNews
BadBlue Delivers P2P Office Sharing Solution
2001-08-27 ArticleCentral
New 1.5 version of BadBlue web server
2001-08-04 LockerGnome
Weekly Digest: GnomeDOWNLOADS
2001-07-23 Tucows
BadBlue Personal Edition earns a Five-cow rating
2001-07-20 TechTV
Turn your PC into a file swapping web server
2001-07-09 ZDNet
ZDNet File of the Day/TechTV File of the Day
2001-06-29 InfoAnarchy
BadBlue adds P2P database sharing
2001-06-27 ThinkMobile
BadBlue wireless P2P serves database info
2001-06-19 ABCtella
BadBlue, an enterprise-oriented P2P package
2001-05-22 O'Reilly Network
2001-05-21 P2P Tracker
BadBlue powers Deerfield.com's file exchange
2001-05-01 PeerIntelligence
BadBlue Keeps It Simple and Wireless
2001-04-21 APCMag
Peer, there and everywhere
2001-04-20 P2P Tracker
iMakeNews.com and BadBlue team up
2001-04-18 Yippee
Yippee reviews BadBlue
2001-04-17 ThinkMobile
P2P Content Syndication
2001-04-04 ThinkMobile
BadBlue P2P server integrates NT security
2001-04-04 Peer-to-Peer Central
BadBlue partners with wireless firm
2001-04-04 InfoAnarchy
BadBlue adds enterprise security
2001-04-01 Software Development Times
Sneaking in Peer to Peer
2001-03-29 InfoWorld
P-to-P promises to streamline business
2001-03-26 ThinkMobile
BadBlue provides WISP with wireless P2P software
2001-03-26 Wireless Developer Network
BadBlue provides WISP with wireless P2P software
2001-03-26 P2Ptracker
BadBlue in wireless deal
2001-03-14 ServerWatch
ServerWatch reviews BadBlue
2001-03-12 O'Reilly OpenP2P.com
P2P Directory: BadBlue
2001-03-10 InfoAnarchy
BadBlue P2P server improves Office sharing
2001-02-09 PHP Builder
BadBlue PHP server supports live doc sharing
2001-01-25 InfoAnarchy
BadBlue adds P2P spreadsheet sharing
2001-01-02 PHP Builder
BadBlue announces PHP support
2000-12-30 InfoAnarchy
BadBlue combines web serving with P2P
2000-12-01 Peertal
Interview with CTO of BadBlue
2000-09-28 San Francisco Chronicle
The Napster Effect
2000-09-28 WWW Multimedia News
Quote of the Week
2006-10-02 Newsletter
Oct 2006: WYSIWYG formatting added
2006-04-08 Newsletter
Apr 2006: Excel Hyperlink Support
2006-02-02 Newsletter
Feb 2006: XLsharing for IIS introduced
2005-12-12 Newsletter
Dec 2005: Workbook controls and hot-keys
2005-11-03 Newsletter
Nov 2005: Euro support for workbooks
2005-09-18 Newsletter
Sep 2005: Improved Excel-Web Sharing
2005-07-23 Newsletter
Aug 2005: Moving Excel to the Web, Live!
2005-06-24 Newsletter
Jul 2005: Advanced Excel-Web Sharing
2005-05-24 Newsletter
Jun 2005: Full Color added to Excel Web Sharing
2005-04-25 Newsletter
May 2005: Excel Keyboard Controls Added
2005-03-21 Newsletter
Apr 2005: Excel Charting, Navigation Support
2005-02-22 Newsletter
Mar 2005: Removing the Manage and Help Tabs
2005-01-12 Newsletter
Feb 2005: 2.6 and Real-time Excel Web Sharing
2004-12-21 Newsletter
Jan 2005: Excel web sharing data-entry updates
2004-11-25 Newsletter
Dec 2004: Live web sharing of spreadsheets
2004-10-24 Newsletter
Nov 2004: Who's downloading files from your PC?
2004-09-24 Newsletter
Oct 2004: Internet Excel Sharing Security
2004-08-24 Newsletter
Sep 2004: Office Solutions over the Web
2004-07-24 Newsletter
Aug 2004: Excel/Web Sharing upgrades in v2.52
2004-06-28 Newsletter
Instant Excel/Web Sharing Upgrades Released
2004-06-03 Press Release
BadBlue releases Excel Spreadsheet Server
2004-05-24 Newsletter
New: Sharing Excel spreadsheets over the web...
2004-04-24 Newsletter
Apr 2004: Does File Sharing Really Hurt?
2004-04-12 Case Study
Linux-to-Windows file transfer using BadBlue...
2004-03-23 Newsletter
Apr 2004: Multi-file uploads, hidden folders...
2004-02-24 Newsletter
Mar 2004: Illustrated Tutorial Center debuts...
2004-01-27 Newsletter
Feb 2004: Auto Slide-show and Photo Albums...
2004-01-03 Newsletter
Jan 2004: USA Today, Internet Week...
2003-11-25 Newsletter
December 2003: OfficeSurfer - private surfing...
2003-10-27 Newsletter
November 2003: Private user file areas...
2003-09-27 Newsletter
October 2003: File sharing made easier...
2003-08-24 Newsletter
September 2003: Remote administration...
2003-07-24 Newsletter
August 2003: Total privacy for your searches...
2003-06-24 Newsletter
July 2003: Photo-album, thumbnail support...
2003-05-18 Newsletter
June 2003: Full-text search, security updates...
2003-04-26 Newsletter
May 2003: Partial downloads, custom 404's...
2003-03-24 Newsletter
Apr 2003: A web server on your PC, fast & easy
2003-02-26 Newsletter
Mar 2003: Uploads, bandwidth throttling added
2003-02-02 Newsletter
Feb 2003: LiveSQL - browser database access
2003-01-06 Newsletter
January 2003: Dynamic DNS support in v2.1
2002-12-09 Newsletter
December 2002: BadBlue 2.0 released!
2002-10-01 Newsletter
October 2002: Reading Office files is easy
2002-07-08 Newsletter
July 2002: PHP Library for Excel and Access
2002-06-08 Newsletter
June 2002: Instant Microsoft Word sharing
2002-05-07 Newsletter
May 2002: Peer-to-peer spreadsheet searching
2002-04-08 Position Paper (Word 97 Format)
Use of the Gnutella Protocol in B2B Networks
2002-02-18 Newsletter
March 2002: Gnutella sharing for organizations
2001-11-26 Newsletter
December 2001: New PHP encoder alternative
2001-11-01 Newsletter
November 2001: BadBlue integrates scheduling
2001-08-27 Newsletter
September 2001: BadBlue 1.5 arrives!
2001-06-01 Presentation
BadBlue Business Application Tour
2001-05-29 Data Sheet (Word 97 Format)
BadBlue Win32 P2P Web Servers
2001-02-05 Position Paper (Word 97 Format)
A P2P Approach for B2B Marketplaces
2000-12-01 Position Paper (Word 97 Format)
BadBlue Web Platform Approach

Archived Press Releases
2001-11-01 Press Release
BadBlue adds powerful scheduling features
2001-08-27 Press Release
BadBlue adds IRC-based file sharing
2001-06-27 Press Release
BadBlue adds peer-to-peer database sharing
2001-05-21 Press Release
BadBlue powers Deerfield's D2Gfx community
2001-04-19 Press Release
BadBlue provides iMakeNews.com with P2P
2001-04-05 Press Release
BadBlue introduces P2P KM for business
2001-03-26 Press Release
BadBlue provides WISP with wireless P2P
2001-02-19 Press Release
BadBlue improves web serving capabilities
2001-02-05 Press Release
BadBlue adds live word document sharing
2001-01-22 Press Release
BadBlue adds live spreadsheet sharing
2000-12-26 Press Release
BadBlue adds PHP and CGI support
2000-09-28 Press Release
BadBlue introduces web-based P2P system